1Simple Things Prayer

Lord, today I thank you for the simple things.

That I have four limbs that work ok, and that I can pull a smile occasionally.

That I know where my next meal is coming from, and that tonight I know I have a roof over my head!

I thank you that I have a set of clothes that I can change into, and the opportunity to learn and earn
- and that if I was ever in desperate need; I have people I could turn to.

I don't know about others, but if this is ALL I ever have I'll be good.

 ...and I'm sorry that sometimes I forget this. I get caught up in desires, demands and disappointments
- mainly because I expect too much from people; but if I lost all the things you've blessed me
with right now I'd soon realise how fortunate I really am!

In eternal gratitude,

Your children.
2Chi Kri World Prayer
O Divine Spirit!
Divine Mother and Father of Creation,
Eternal Parent,
Provider of all Universal Love,
Birth Place of all Cosmic Intelligence,
O Infinite Spirit of Joy,
The Majesty manifest in us all,
May Thy Supreme Bliss,
Timeless Wisdom,
And impenetrable Harmony,
Surcharge us all.

O Infinite Spirit of Truthfulness,
Be Thy name God, Allah, or Brahma,
We revere Thee,
Be Thy prophets Mohammed, Moses, Guru Nanak, Buddha,
Christ, or Krishna,
We will ever be near Thee,
In saint and sinner,
Loser and winner,
Beggar and king,
Without and within,
We will ever bow to Thee,
O Infinite Spirit of Love,
Forsake us not,
We hold Thy Truth above all else,
Aum, Hum, Amin, Amen.
3The Prayer of the Calm and Wise
“Be calm and wise, calm and wise,”
These are the cries of the calm and wise:
“Face the truth, or face the lies,
Or face the devil in disguise,
Face the grave, or heaven’s skies,
Keep your mind so calm and wise,”
These are the cries of the calm and wise:
“Feel the floor beneath your feet,
Walk with purpose and with peace,
Choose your words with careful size,”
These are the cries of the calm and wise:
“Be not frightened by the snake,
Be unrippled like the lake,
Be unflustered by the panic,
Be thou calm, a soulful habit,
calm and wise, calm and wise,”
These are the cries of the calm and wise:
“Face your weakness, face your tears,
Face your anger; face your fears,
With your wisdom, dry your eyes,
Be thou calm, and be thou wise,”
These are the cries of the calm and wise:
“Fear nothing! For God is with you,
Wisdom makes the devil rid you -
Of the darkness in your soul,
Calm is light; wisdom is gold!
Calm and wise, calm and wise,”
These are the words of the calm and wise:
“Calm and wise, calm and wise,”
These are the cries of the calm and wise:
“Calm and wise, calm and wise,”
This is the prayer of the calm and wise.
4The Chi Kri Food Prayer
Beloved God,
Please give me the nourishment and strength,
I need through this food,
So that I may give nourishment and strength
Back to others,
For what purpose do I have in eating this food -
Other that to feed my body,
To make me strong enough,
To strengthen the minds, hearts, and souls of others?
Otherwise, my food is just another desire,
Another craving, and another passion,
Which may spiral out of control,
And make me greedy and ill.
No, beloved God,
Let my food be my medicine and my strength,
Let me the choose the food my body and mind needs,
And consume it in the amounts my body and mind requires -
Not the exaggerated portions it merely wants!
Let me prepare my food,
With love and attention,
And let me eat this food in peace.
I offer this meal to the temple of my body,
That it may make me mighty and wise:
Wise enough to protect the innocent, and educate the seeking,
And mighty enough to stand by the weary, and support the weak.
May this food, my beloved God,
Be fuel for the fire -
Of service to Humankind,
And service to Thee,
OM, peace, Amen.
5The Silence of God
In midnight, we trod,
The silence of God,
Shriek! Cries from the heavens,
We walked in our sevens,
The wonders of Man,
Made science our plan,
But lo and behold!
All shining’s not gold,
The seas spat with rage,
The skies were a cage,
And Man in his fury,
Did condemn his jury,
“Where is He now?”
But God did not budge,
“He cannot care, this cruel callous judge!”
And as the last one,
The last dying son,
Swam deep in his tears,
His God then appears,
“I gave you my all, allowed you to think,
My child you are hurt, but still at the brink,
All is not lost.”
The last gave a nod,
There’s much to be heard,
In the silence of God.
6Come to Me
My, Lord, resist me who canst thou?
Upon thy feet, I rest my brow,
And pray to Thee, come to me now,
O Lord! Resist me, how canst thou?
For Thee, I’d sacrifice my life,
Be single, Lord, and have no wife,
Just dedicate my life to serving,
Of Thy love, aren’t I deserving?
In the darkness of my mind,
Come to me, so I may find –
The light that I know comes from Thee,
That glows within my eye of three,
I want Thy hand to grasp my own,
And lift my soul, and take it home,
For we both know my home’s not here,
But swimming in your joyful tear,
Make me wait not one more day,
Though I shan’t wander, shall not stray,
Come to me, and take my hand,
So that Thy lap becomes my land.
7My Heart
Lord, make of my heart not a guesthouse, but a home,
Let us not steal moments together in a secret rendezvous -
Like fearful lovers, but be wedded in eternal bliss;
Make of my heart not a chair,
But a bed upon which you may sit, rest, and dream of us together;
Lord, greet me not as you would a long lost friend;
Never may you need bid me “hello” or “goodbye”,
For I will be ever-present;
Lord, when I look within myself,
Anytime of day or night,
May I see Thy smile,
In the peaceful waters of my heart.
8It is You
It is you, my beloved God,
You are my trials and my rewards,
My oppression and my freedom,
My insults and my commands,
You ignore me,
And then you notice me,
You scare me, and then you give me strength,
You hate everything I do, and then you love my every deed!
You laugh at me, and then you laugh with me,
You give me too much work to do,
And then you do it all!
You make me sick, and then you make me better,
It is you beloved God, only you,
You really are so funny!
You do not care if I live or die,
You only care if I love or not,
You do not care what I do with my life,
As long as I love you!
In truth, I have nothing more that I must do,
than to love you.
What a game God – what a show!
You are the drama, the script, the lines, the actors, the stage, the lights, the sounds - everything!
So, what am I?
Where am I in all of this!
Am I on the stage, or in the audience?
“You are with me,” you say,
“Come sit with me in the Director’s chair,
And you will have complete control over one part in the drama -
"Control yourself", you say.
"Let the world run amok. Be insulted, be tortured,
Be degraded, it doesn’t matter!
Just serve all and love me in your heart,
Give yourself away, and you will become who you truly are:
My child - a baby God.
I am above my drama, and so to be with me,
You must also be the same -
Above the drama.
Love, service, patience, peace, selflessness, and tranquility,
Will all raise you,
Lift yourself child,
Come, I am here”.
It is you, my Beloved,
Only you.
9Pulsating Beam
Divine Mother,
Thy pulsating beam of love flows into my mind,
Surrounding my darkness with Thine light,
Washing over each ripple of thought,
Each current of insecurity,
Saying, “Serve others with love!”
Teaching me the secrets of happiness,
The secrets of joy,
Thy beam enters me through my receptivity and deep prayer,
It goes down my spine and into my heart,
Where it explodes into the image of you,
Either protecting me,
Strengthening me,
Or giving me love,
How many Mothers have I?
What you transfer in your beam is instant satisfaction,
Security, and strength,
I am tied to Thee by an invisible umbilical cord,
I feel as if the world is just your womb,
And we are all your unborn babes,
O Divine Mother; steal not from me Thy beam,
It has taken me many years to find what I was looking for,
Now, whatever comes will be a bonus,
Health, money, success, whatever,
I have won back the treasure I came to seek!
And if it is Thy will,
I will return it to all Thy children,
Who know it not,
I trust Thee Ma,
I trust in Thy control over Thy creation,
I trust in God’s law, I trust in love,
In peace, and in Thy great beam.