When the scent of an earthly wine,
Cease to allure,
When the thoughts once silk in softness,
Cease now to be pure,
When the friends once thought as family,
Cease now to be near,
'tis God that beckons earnestly,
And hopes that you shall hear,
When all you see are strangers,
And strange is all you see,
When all you hear are moans,
Tied words that must be free,
When all you feel is love,
But they turned that love to fear,
'tis God that whispers quietly,
And hopes that you shall hear,
When silent rain,
Just rains on you,
And others bask in sun,
When clouds of brewing thunder swell,
And lightning's just begun,
When raging winds,
Throw slicing chills,
To cut when you are near,
'tis God that calls relentlessly,
And prays that you shall hear,
When all the world is deep in pain
But only you have tears,
When all the worlds too sacred to think,
But only you have fears,
When finally you see you're not alone,
Your eyes will glisten,
For God will guide you on from here,
Just make sure that you -
Once upon a time, in the garden of the mind,
From a seed grew a tree, known as spiritual divine,
The tree was alone, and stood proud in the weeds,
The weeds were the wants, and the tree was the needs,
Every single day, the tree grew ever stronger,
The weeds on the ground, tried to reach it - get longer,
But the tree was in the clouds, watching birds fly by,
So, the weeds attacked its roots, making every branch cry,
The tree began to shake, rainbow coloured leaves fell,
The tree had reached the heavens,
But was falling now to hell,
The moral of the story – “Before you plant your seeds,
Find a better soil, which harnesses no weeds!”
3A Cross to Bear
Each man and woman everywhere,
Will have themselves a cross to bear,
Be it grief or famine's hunger,
Illness, loss, or struck by thunder,
All shall feel upon their back,
This giant wooden cross is stacked,
Their knees will buckle; legs will tire,
And their foreheads shall perspire
The cross will strike at any time,
So, seek the reason, not the rhyme,
Not the whine, the yell, the shriek,
But seeks what makes you strong - not weak,
Stand up tall and bear your cross,
Be not weakened by your loss,
Hold yourself in times of trial,
Inwardly - constantly smile,
Flex the muscles of your will,
And run with cross atop the hill,
Then at the perch you will declare,
I'm stronger than this cross I bear!?
If you can’t let go of the past,
How can you move on to the future?

If you’re always talking,
When are you going to listen?

If you’re always hearing music,
How will you hear the quiet soul?

If you only recognise beautiful bodies,
How will you spot the beautiful souls?

If you’re always blaming someone else,
When will you be responsible?

If you’re always eating,
When are you going to feed?

If you’re too proud to receive help,
What happens when you’re in trouble?

If you’re not willing to open up,
How can you expect anybody to come in?

If you’re not going to question yourself,
How can you question others?

If you can’t find your own faults,
Why is it that you can find other people’s?

And if you’ve got nothing positive to say,
Then why don’t you just say nothing?
5Calm, Calm, Calm

Calm, calm, calm,
Go unto life with calm,
In body, we are restless,
In Spirit, we are calm,
Go into Spirit, into prayer,
All is calm, when you go there,
Meditate, or love, or give,
In all these actions calm does live,
Find not thy calm in but one place,
Calm is present, else a space,
Calm, calm, calm,
Go unto life with calm,
In human mind, we’re restless; in Spirit, we are calm,
And from the calm we can see He,
Who speaketh Truth, and loveth we,
For in the calm He waits so calmly,
Calmly think, calmly act,
Calm, calm, calm, Open thy human arms,
In tightness, we are restless,
In calmness we are risen,
Who giveth calm? Extend thy arms,
And see that calm is in thy palms,
Calm, calm, calm,
In action and in word,
For restless minds are heard,
But peaceful minds are great.
6The Same Flower
Listen world to what I say,
God is not of mud and clay,
Nor is God of sand and stone,
And surely not of flesh and bone,
God is not an Englishman,
Irish, or South African,
Nor is God from Pakistan,
The U.S. or Afghanistan,
God is not a Buddhist priest,
Or an Aboriginal chief,
Nor is God the greatest speaker,
Or some powerful world leader,
God is not a Hindu man,
God is not made of the land,
God is not a Christian brother,
God is not a race or colour,
God is not confined to borders,
God is not disrupting order,
Man is causing casualty,
By his plain hypocrisy,
God is peaceful, God is kind,
God does not draw countries lines,
Man does this to create power,
But on both sides grows the same flower....
7The Stills of Meditation
Beyond movement,
Beyond thought,
Where actions cease,
And words wander not,
I find the shoreless ocean of silence,
Stretching infinitely in all directions,
The soft waves of the Aum vibration,
Dance under the full moon of my third eye,
Here, the glimmering waves of creation begin,
Here, I remember the world as if it were a dream,
Here, I find the living landscape of spiritual love,
Here, every cell of my body is drenched,
In peace, happiness, and inspiration,
Where am I?
Another world?
I am within my soul,
In the stills of meditation.
I am beyond the darkness, beyond the light,
Beyond the day, beyond the night,
Beyond the sun, beyond the moon,
Beyond the curse, beyond the boon,
Beyond the struggle, beyond the fight,
Beyond the wrong, beyond the right,
Beyond the clouds, beyond the rain,
Beyond your joy, and beyond the pain,
Beyond the terror, beyond the fear,
Beyond your smiles, and beyond your tears,
Beyond the real, beyond the fake,
Beyond the apple, and beyond the snake,
Beyond the grave, beyond the skies,
Beyond the truth, beyond the lies,
Beyond the tomb, beyond the reef,
Beyond the judge, beyond the thief,
Beyond the birth, beyond the death,
Beyond the meal, beyond the breath,
Beyond the path, beyond the way,
Beyond your wage, and beyond your pay,
Beyond the woman, beyond the man,
Beyond the sea, beyond the land,
Beyond your heart, beyond your mind,
Beyond all space, and beyond all time,
Beyond the stars, beyond the ages,
Beyond the words, and beyond these pages,
Beyond the sermon, beyond the preacher,
Beyond the student, the grades and the teacher,
Beyond the master, beyond the slave,
Beyond the city, beyond the cave,
Beyond the temple, beyond the shrine,
Beyond the symbol, and beyond the sign,
Beyond all matter, beyond all thought,
Beyond the number, beyond the nought,
Beyond the ghost, beyond the vision,
Beyond the freedom, and beyond the prison,
Beyond the sound, beyond the sight,
Beyond the black, and beyond the white,
Beyond the touch, beyond the taste,
Beyond the colour, and beyond your race,
Beyond the love, beyond the hate,
Beyond the choice, beyond the fate,
Beyond the peace, and beyond the war,
Beyond the crime, and beyond all law,
Beyond this poem, beyond these words,
Beyond the voice that you’ve just heard,
Beyond the feeling, beyond the rhyme,
Where am I?
In the silence beyond this line….
Do you not see brother?
You do not need to hurt,
If you are in pain,
Find another who is in pain,
And heal them,
Then you too shall be healed,
Do you not see sister?
You do not need to scream,
If you are not heard,
Find another who is mute,
And listen to them,
Then you too will be heard,
Lo! Do not cry mother,
You need not shed a tear,
If you are crying,
Find another who weeps,
And dry their cheeks,
Then you too shall smile,
Do not lament father,
You need not feel misunderstood,
Find another, whom no one understands,
And sympathise with them,
Then you too shall be understood.
10One Summer’s Night
One summer’s night a man did sleep,
And from his eye a tear did seep,
It filtered down his bearded cheek,
One summer’s night a man did weep,
And in his sleep, he saw the world,
And felt the pain of boy and girl,
He hurt so bad, he cried to God,
Who came to him, and said,
“Cry not!”
The man protested in his dreams,
“My heart is tearing at the seams,
Pray tell me Lord why I do cry?”
Then God said,
“Son, I’ll tell you why...
You see the anguish of the world,
And feel the pain of boy and girl,
The reason that you feel it so,
Is that your heart is theirs also”
“But why, my Lord...”
Spoke forth the man,
“…Do I feel pain in distant lands?
For people I will never know,
Whose race and creed is notmy own”
“Because, my son,
Your heart has felt,
That burning love that boundaries melt,
That sees all people as your own,
And sees all countries as one home”
“Then tell me Lord, what use is love,
When all it brings is painful stuff?
What use is that which wets my pillow,
And leaves me weeping like a willow?”
Said God,
“…About your pain,
It is not love that causes rain,
It is not love that is not fair,
But that pure love is seldom shared,
You feel hurt dealt out by others,
On children and future mothers,
Others to whom love’s restricted,
Fills your heart with pain inflicted”
“Then, my Lord, I shall refrain,
From delving deep in worldly pain,
Until all men can love as I,
I shall not cry, not I, not I!”
“My son, cry not,
Be strong, and not tender,
But from love, do not surrender,
For my world needs men like you,
Who can, of love, speak straight and true,
And if you ache for others hearts,
And feel the pain the world imparts,
Then come to me in prayer above,
And I’ll impart you ample love,
That you can share with all you meet,
And show the world, and all you greet,
That love is stronger than the grief,
Of worldly pains and worldly thieves,
Now sleep my son, and know ye this,
This world will one day turn to mist,
And shall remain but love and bliss,
Now rest my child and tell all this”
One summer’s night a man did sleep,
And on his lips a smile did creep,
It gave to him a joy so deep,
One summer’s night a man did sleep.