1The 20 Point Plan of Life
When I talk to kids I often ask them, 'What do you want to be when you grow up?'
They say a bunch of random stuff...”Fireman! Footballer! Nurse!”
And I say to them, 'that's good, just make sure when you grow up, you be yourself'
And turning their head's slightly, whilst looking at me like I’m a pile of jigsaw pieces, they say,
'But I AM myself. What do you mean?'
I smile, give them and big hug and say,
'You'll find out!'
And we carry on playing or dancing or whatever.
You see as adults many of us have forgotten that little child inside who dreamt, imagined and fantasised about the future.
Somewhere along the factory line of so called “civilised human beings” we became less concerned with living and more afraid of dying;
less able to enjoy having money and more focussed on saving and investing it; and we became less and less able to make changes, and more focused on securing everything - so it always stays the same – and fits the 20 point plan of life
Your Birth
Your Nursery
Your Education
Your Job
Your Partner
Your Marriage
Your Kids
Their Nursery
Their Education
Their Job
Their Partner
Their Marriage
Your Grandkids
Their Nursery
Their Education
Their Job
Their Partner
Your Retirement
Your Death
Your Funeral

The boldness of life became the fear of living - the fear of trying and the fear of dying.
Where did we go wrong?
We stopped being ourselves.
If I asked you what's in your heart could you tell me?
If I asked you who you are, would you know?
If I asked you what you dream of, would you not burst into tears that it's so far away now?
But look at the children. They are you – you in the past.
And as you try and learn from this, make sure you don't bog the little ones growth and courage down with too much education.
Yes. I said too much education.
Let them be creative, let them imagine, let them dream, fantasize and play. They are not stupid.
Eventually they will see what the Global Market is and learn a trade. They will see what love is and find friends or a partner. And if they want to make more children, they will! And if they don’t, they won’t!
But don't teach them about fear before they’ve got anything to be afraid of.
Just because you were hurt, it doesn't mean they will be.
Just because you made mistakes, it doesn't mean they will.
You job is to support their spirit of adventure, not stop it.
Their adventure
And if you don't get what you want for them, think about the notion of wanting and needing for someone else. How is that even logical? How can you want for someone? Surely they can only want for themselves?
You may believe money brings security, but they may find strength in dancing, God or working with animals and need very little else. So what?
I know it's a tough world, but trust the little ones. Sit with them in their car helping then to steer, but don't take the wheel.
Let them drive.
Let them dream.
Let them be.
2The Twenty Guests at the Dinner Table of Life
There are those who prepare the food (the loving),
Those who pray before they eat (the spiritual),
Those who want to serve the food to others (the charitable),
Those who have no appetite (the stressed!),
Those who are focused on everything but the food (the restless),

Those who make sure everyone has food, before they eat (the peacemakers),
Those who play with their food (the artists),
Those who organise the food on their plate into sections (the compulsive-obsessive),
Those who are never satisfied with what is given (the unhappy),
Those who eat with their hands (Indians),

Those who share from their own plate (the selfless),
Those who will not share their food! (the selfish!),
Those who rush their food down with no awareness (the careless),
Those who constantly criticise the chef (the devils!),
Those who eat very slowly (the thinkers),

Those who eat with wisdom (the disciplined),
Those who make sure the cook has eaten (the caring),
Those who eat as much as they possibly can (the greedy),
Those who thank the chef (the grateful),
And those who wash up afterwards (the angels!)
3Compassionate Vision
If someone has a broken leg, we don't expect them to walk or run.

Many are walking around with broken hearts and minds, yet we retaliate and punish them when they cannot function as 'normal'.

Compassion and understanding teaches us to look at the reasons why a person is behaving the way they are.

Just because we can't see the broken heart or disturbed mind it doesn't mean there isn't an impairment.

We need to see with our hearts and intuition; learn to feel another person’s position with universal perception.

Anger, jealousy, mockery and abuse - these all heavily disguise the conscious or emotional limp. But if you would not expect a blind man to see, or a crippled man to run, how can you expect a broken heart to be kind to you?

Compassion, Wisdom and Mercy applied here will afford you peace instead of disappointment and anger.

And this teaching demonstrates how far behind as a society we are in dealing with our more "troubled" members.

We cannot just keep punishing, blaming and retaliating towards those who are hurting inside....
4Fear of Failure
When you were a baby you were hardly aware of your ego. You existed, but you didn’t really know you existed.

You couldn't refer to failure as YOU failing. It was just A failed attempt.

You didn’t take it personally. You didn’t know you were a “person” yet. You didn’t really know what you were!

It didn't matter that you failed to walk and talk a hundred times before you were effective. You never stopped and thought about it.

It didn't even matter that your failures were the source of your family’s laughter and pleasure. In fact you actually enjoyed the attention sometimes (and when you figured out how to get that attention sometimes you even done it on purpose!)

You were pretty innocent. You were close to your soul then. And although you had the same ego you have today, your awareness of it was undeveloped.

You were like an animal in that way - animals have very little ego-awareness or self-consciousness and feel less embarrassment etc than us - that's why you see those “funny” videos of animals chasing man-made riddles like a ball on a piece of string - they are not egotistical enough to care about how “silly” they look. And why the little old rich lady can dress her poodle in a hideous red tartan dog jacket and the poodle carries on as if nothing in the world has ever changed.

As we get older we begin to notice ourselves more.

The mirror doesn't exist from 0-14 for most humans, but after teenage hits, suddenly you notice yourself in it. And others notice you. And the self-conscious hyper-sensitive side of the ego is born. You suddenly exist to the world! And that’s scary.

Now we have a situation.

If you have confidence instilled in you from somewhere, you still don't care how many times you fail or fall! You still think like your little baby-self in regards to self-consciousness. You do have an ego to refer to but you just don't care when people laugh innocently at your mishaps, or even when people tell you to stop because you’re “no good at it”.

Its water off a duck’s back.

Sometimes that inner confidence expresses itself in a slightly twisted way as arrogance or narcissism but whatever the case may be, at least you get through without a fear of failure for the time being. You will have to deal with the arrogance later!

OR you become so engrossed in yourself that fear of failure begins to stifle your steps.

You freeze whenever a desire challenges you to behave in a way that many lead to failed attempts i.e. the baby trying to walk becomes the adult trying to do Salsa dancing and fears looking like they have two left feet! You freeze simply because others may get to know what you’re doing and laugh at you, or consider you inadequate in some way. But remember as your baby-self you’ve clearly proved that you can learn things despite failing incessantly whilst being the source of hapless comedy to others!

Now imagine yourself back as a baby again. Imagine you cared that much.

Imagine that you were that conscious of yourself that when an adult laughed at your babbling speech and even copied it back to you, you thought, 'Right! Well I shan't be doing that again if you’re going to mock me!'

Or when your sibling pushed you off the sofa you were gripping onto, trying to walk, you thought, 'That was mean! I'm only 8 months old, how dare you. I am not walking whilst he's around!'

Imagine how slow your progress would be.

But you didn’t do that did you? You cried a bit when your bottom hit the floor (and adults laughed whilst picking you up) but you tried again and again!

The mentality of an adult who lives with a fear of failure is that they stop themselves from growing because of what they think failure means - both to themselves and others.

They think they should be sheltered from laughter and criticism while they try. The reality is the world they are about to grow up in is not like that. The reality is that it is only their ego that cares about their failed attempts. Others pay little but a passing interest in these moments.

And the soul inside doesn't care at all!

Look at the baby, it’s close to its soul, it has its objectives and it will do everything to achieve them – milk, food, sleep, change nappy, play, walk, talk – whatever! It always wins. Baby always wins.

It is the ego that develops the crushing pain, dejection, rejection, shyness, self-abuse and ultimate self-destruction that hides the successful experience of life. It is not your soul. Your soul is fine!

Go back to innocence. Go back to fearlessness. Look at it all very simply again. Just like when you first learnt to walk. Let people laugh. Let them talk. Let them even try and stop you! But if your desire is wholesome, legal, safe and fairly sane - then absolutely go for it!

If you continue with a fear of failure in any area of your life remember that little baby you once were, and remember how brave you used to be…

“If success is at the top of a ladder, failures are the rungs that will get you there” – Neil Patel
Taken from the book “The Soul of Chi Kri Volume 1: Anger is Blocked Love
5The Message of Death
The message is pain from Death to Love, and says this to all:

“It is great humility and selflessness that makes a person love another with the same passion and earnestness, the same love and intensity with which they suffer at the loss of a loved one, but to love with this fervour, in life.

It is the wise and God-like ones who actively demonstrate and share their deepest feelings with their loved ones before death swipes them away in a moment of madness. For the tide of death rises like the shadows over life and when the shadow is cast by the light of God calling his child back, there is no time.

No time remains at all to express the love anymore. This is called pain. This is suffering. The one burning question, the one driving force, 'Did they know how much I loved them? Have they left this mortal plane with the thought of my love? Have I shown them all my heart?' And if you loved them, and you did not say it, show it, or worse, made them feel estranged from your heart, though you loved them without equal, it is this my friends that will be the blocking, the choking and the death of your own heart.”

The message from Death to Love continues:

“Look into the eyes, hearts and minds of your beloveds today and certify your love in their being until they are lifted. Be the magic carpet upon which they float in the knowledge of your devotion, dedication and desperation to unconditionally do all things for them. Let you both live in love from henceforth, in the name of God, Truth and Honesty”

Before leaving Death concludes:

“And remember this too: it may not be them but you whom the shadow is next upon, and do you not want to leave the ones you love in the security and peace to know they will be loved from beyond the clouds?'

Take this as a message from the spirit of Death to Love and act upon it.
6The Five Magic Laws of Metaphysical Immunity
Your immune system is not biological. It is not even psychological. It is emotional and spiritual.

By following the five laws below, Chi Kri believes you can improve your immune system.

Remember these 5 laws for metaphysical immunity....

Law 1 - Passion.

Love and be extremely passionate about at least two activities, things or areas of your life (e.g. football, dance, God, art, music, walking etc.).

Law 2 - Purpose.

Visualize and feel your direction and purpose in life, with absolute clarity. And make detailed, organized and graphic plans about this - where possible.

Law 3 - Battle.

Fight to defend and protect your views. If you are sure your views are wholesome and correct, then stand up for yourself. This is especially so if you are genuinely under attack; or need to defend of protect something.

Law 4 - Win.

Never admit defeat in your own mind at anything. Always win at everything. But remember, wisdom, lessons, experience and following a spiritual law are all ways to win too.

Law 5 - Sacrifice.

Feel that you care so much for some principle, thing, or being so deeply, that you would do, or sacrifice anything, to defend or protect it, or them.

Bonus Boost: Law 6 – Yoga (Union)

The secret ingredient to immunity is unifying with your mission and purpose with your souls, thus making it happy. When your soul is fully engaged in your life, it will slide into your being like a hand in glove. And when your soul fits perfectly into all the fingers (corners) of your life, your body has supernatural power.

If you follow the above principles of Immunity, Chi Kri believes your immune system will better serve you*

*(Note that this is not in place of whatever else you do for your biological immunity, whatever your healthcare professionals have told you or what any other person or organization tells you. That’s the great thing about any genuine natural law – it can work alongside anything. If you have any doubts, questions or concerns, you can always email or speak to your chosen healthcare professional.)

7Why Your Good Karma is NOT coming
Why Your Good Karma is NOT coming…

Our good karma is entrusted to God, so that when we need it, it is there for us.

The universe stores the blessings we deserve, for our good actions, in the Good Karma Bank. It is the wise gatekeeper of our fortune.

Like a parent, who may look after a young teen’s money, and give it to them when they need it. Or an inheritance, that is delayed to an older age in a young person's life; so our good karma is held back from us - until such time as we are really going to need it.

That could come if we're in an emergency, if we desperately need a prayer answered, as a blessing we wish to bestow on someone else (who is validated to receive a blessing), or in between lives to set us up with favourable circumstances and attributes to be born with (ever wondered where the blessings people are born with come from?)

The truth is that if were in control of our good karma banks, most of us would use it unwisely.

“I pray (Insert football or cricket team) win today”

“If only I could win the lottery”

“I really want to be with (insert desired partner’s name)”

And so on…

We may even use our blessings, or good karma, on the alleviation of suffering for someone else. That would be excellent if that soul was not supposed to endure for a little longer (to develop their strength, wisdom or even to pay back some karmic debt).

And some of us, when enraged, may accidently wish harm on others. What if your powers were engaged for that?

They say that with great power comes even greater responsibility.

And that is why we have to trust that our future blessings, good karma and any “rewards” for our good actions will come appropriately, proportionately and precisely when we really need them.

What are your thoughts on this? I’d love to hear…

8The Final Reckoning
As human beings, we fall into the habit of qualifying each other’s success as:


But when we die, in the final reckoning, God will qualify our lives in these terms:

The love we gave, without condition, expectation, response.
The service, charity, help, care and kindness we gave to those who were not our family or our friends.
The wisdom we alchemized from the hard stones of suffering, pain and loss.
The loyalty we showed to our parents, families, teachers and divine personages.
The integrity we gained through persevering with what is righteous - despite

The physical state of your life is neither here nor there. Work for the best, but don’t get hung up on it. At the end of the day, what will matter will be what God thinks of you… No one else.

Also remember:

In the final reckoning, all will be stripped back. None of your five sense will work. All you will know is what you think, what you feel and what you experience within you.

Sit with the eyes closed now. Look and feel inside yourself. If it feels still, comforting and loving that is a great sign that the final reckoning will be encouraging for you.

If it feels irritable, impatient, noisy and frustrated, then make it your daily mission to work on sitting, until you have found stillness.

I say this because one day - In fact, any day - anyone of us may be called to drop our physical life, senses and all that we have collected – and sit in solitude in front of God. Make that transition easy, by preparing a little every day.

9Criminal Justice System Error
With the imprisonment system, you cannot imprison someone who already feels trapped.

With solitary confinement, you cannot isolate someone who is already lonely.

With punishment, you cannot punish someone who is already punishing themselves more than you will ever know

And with the death sentence, you cannot kill somebody who is already dead inside.

If a person repeatedly ends up in prison, the chances are they're already hurt in some way. And there is your clue.

The correct way to help offenders is to rehabilitate them. Place them under the guidance and training of spiritual teachers and masters to strengthen their characters. Make it a law for all such teachers to look after one such offender, and all such offenders to be disciples of all such teachers.

They will be taught discipline and shown love; and learn to deal with situations in a more peaceful and wiser way.
10Why Does a Man Fight?
First, he fights for what he needs – food,
However God has already blessed him with his first meal – his mother!
Second, he fights for survival,
And God has kindly given him muscles to protect his mortal frame,
Third, he fights for what he wants,
Which is to obtain the objects of his desires,
fourth, he fights for control,
Over the objects of his desires,
Fifth, he fights for greed,
For more objects of desire,
Sixth, he fights for safety,
To protect the objects of his desire,
Seventh, he fights for sanity,
After he eventually loses the objects of his desire,
Eigthh, he fights for security in himself,
Ninth, he fights his inner demons,
Tenth, he fights for his rights,
After he recognises his wrongs,
Eleventh he fights for the love God gave him in the beginning,
Twelfth he fights for justice universally,
After feeling his brother’s pain,
Eventually he wins all his battles,
And returns to God with the answer to the question,
“Why does a man fight?”