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The moon revolves around the earth, as the earth revolves on its axis over a period of 24 hours – 1 day. The earth revolves around the sun over a period of 365 days or 12 months – 1 year. The sun revolves around a larger star, or a super sun, over a period of 24,000 years; and the super sun revolves around the universal centre of consciousness, Brahma, over a period of 240,000 years.

Our super sun is in a galaxy governed by the 12 constellations. As we revolve around the super sun, we come under the influence of each “star sign” in turn. In our galaxy, time is mapped according to the 12 signs; hence, we have a 12-hour clock. We rotate around our super sun until we come to 12 o’clock, which is also the crossover point between Aries and Pisces. This is the highest point in human consciousness because it is the closest point to the grand centre of creation – Brahma. The last time this happened was 11,501 B.C. - the next time will be 12,499 A.D. 10,497 years from 2002 A.D. As we revolve around the super sun, we first make a descent away from Brahma, lasting 12,000 years, then we ascend, again, lasting 12,000 years – until 24,000 years pass, and we return. As we descend, we lose the spiritual consciousness that being close to Brahma endows us with. The most recent of these low points was in 500 A.D. Nevertheless, as we ascend, our consciousness begins to slowly expand again. We are ascending as we pass through the constellation of Virgo in 2002 A.D.

The changes in consciousness in Humankind are marked by four distinct ages. The first is Satya Yuga – the age of truth, or the Golden age. This is where Humankind accepts spirituality and understands its power and significance. This age lasts 4,800 years. The second age is Treta Yuga – the age of the mind. This is when Humankind works with thought and grasps telepathy, mind control etc with ease. This age lasts 3,600 years. The third age is Dwapara Yuga – the atomic/electric age. This is when Humankind begins to understand the power of the gross elements, magnetic currents, electricity, and the atoms. This age lasts 2,400 years. The final age is Kali Yuga – the Dark Age, or material age. This is when Humankind is not able to comprehend much more than any other animal, and does not understand the soul, mind, or even the body – an age often wrought with terror and destruction. These four ages descend in the above order, and then ascend in reverse order - beginning with the Dark Age and concluding at the first point again, the Golden age.

We are in the ascending Dwapara Yuga stage, having left Kali Yuga in 1699 A.D. Thus, we are constantly discovering new ways of understanding and using technology – though not always with favourable results. We can see that in the last Dark Age, an array of spiritually evolved souls took birth i.e. - Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Patanjali etc.; all of whom have, arguably, helped lift Humankind out of the Dark Ages.

Looking at the universal clock, our earthly journey is at precisely 6.45:04. The world will not cease for at least another 10,497 years, or until 12.00.00 universal time, – at which point, we will be back to Brahma again. The earth has been around for many millions of years, therefore, it is likely many thousands of these cycles have already taken place on earth, and there are many more to come.

However, it must be said that this is a macrocosmic version of the galaxy within each person. It is quite possible, though yoga, to advance through the ages and constellations within the six astro-spinal centres, or Chakras, and reach Brahma within the space of one human lifetime. Our revolutions in space merely represent a general outline for the development of consciousness for Humankind as a whole.