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Talk talks itself out!  

Write, so that you may not wrong.

Words are photographs of the mind.

Criticism is the cry of a painful heart.

Sometimes you can say more by saying less.

If no one listens, check what you are saying!

Speech is free, yet either priceless or costly!

To know what not to say is to know what to say.

Words are food. They can nourish or destroy you.

What the mouth doesn't say, the eyes will convey.

In the war of words, your greatest weapon is silence.

Honesty and tact should be like finger and thumb; they go hand in hand.

Words without actions are like bodies without breath, utterly useless.

Response is acknowledgement. To respond is to acknowledge, to acknowledge is to empower.

Words break forth from silence. Thus, silence is the greatest word. Silence is the source of all words and strength.

The written word is the dead body of a thought, slain by the pen, and then laid to rest on a paper cemetery.