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Terrorists took my brother hostage on the 26th of November at the Oberoi hotel in Mumbia. I was sickened by the events and the fact I could have lost my only brother to spiritually and culturally racist and vengeful individuals.

That being said, I am not too blind to recognise that this is not a problem of one race or religion, but a sickness embedded in the very heart of human culture. Pride. Egoism. Greed. Hatred.

These are not the sole rights of Islamic fundamentalists as many people think, but of the West, and all of us. We think the West are free from causing terror!? Look at the History of the Europeans, the Americans, and all nations and cultures around the world. African tribes attacking one another - terror, Mussolini - terror, Columbus - terro, Indians attacking mosques - terror...

At some point we all have utterly terrorised nations. Racism is belieiving your race is superior and free from the ability to be a terrorist... we must ALL take collective responsibilty for our world, and check ourselves publically and honestly.

I am a terrorist until I forgive and understand all nations and hold no grudges against anyone. Terror begins in the heart of the proud, the vengeful and those who believe Mankind is seperated into those whom God has given grace, and those who he has not.

Free yourselves from all this people please.

Were it not for my brother escaping from the 18th floor of a bullet showered building, he would be the victim of hatred.

Cause no more prejudice, be different.