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Hatch End High School Rap Assemblysend to a friend

A couple of weeks ago, Hatch End High School took the unprecendented step of inviting me, a rapper and yoga teacher, to take the kid's morning assembly! I don't think I've ever rapped at 8:45am before... unless it was on the way home from somewhere, but check it out... it was lots of fun - and one of the most interesting teaching jobs I've ever had!

As I explain wherever I go - rap is poetry, and poetry is the language of the soul. These days Hip Hop is arguably the strongest culture in the suburban world. It defines the look, language, rhythm and attitude of a whole generation. A generation that will one day run this world. I am passionately against the glorification of yoga as being a level that one "evolves to" as some sort of higher mantle in one's progress. Equally, I am dead-set against the generalisations aimed at Hip Hop and those who partake in its various limbs of practice i.e. rapping, producing, dancing, legal graffiti art, and beatboxing among others.

It has been my wish to remian as connected to my roots in Hip Hop as possible through my "progress" in yoga. And having worked most of life to balance these two worlds, now is the time to really enjoy the fruits of this connection - to be able to take what I have learnt through Yoga and verbally dissiminate it through music.

If you know a school that would like to have Chi Kri come down and teach through rap, just call me or speak to one of the staff.