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Success is steadiness.

Success is a seed that has found its soil.

To succeed one must first forget how to fail.

True success is gauged by the establishment internal happiness.

Failure is not losing; it is giving up trying to win.

'Failing' after trying is not failing. Failing to try is failing.

You are only successful if your life is of benefit to others.

To succeed is to exceed expectations.

When success is truly your only option, there can be no other outcome.

Don't acknowledge failure; don't even give it the credit of contemplation.

A winner is someone who loses well and a loser is someone who wins badly.

There are only two ways to achieve success, the hard way, and the even harder way.

If success is what you will see at the top of a ladder, failures are the rungs that will get you there.

In the shadow of success lurks the dark creature of complacency, murdered only by the glaring light of ever-intensified effort.

A winner is someone who has learnt, matured, grown, and made every possible effort to succeed despite coming first or last. A loser is someone who despite perhaps winning, learns nothing new, helps no one along the way, and acts immaturely.