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There is a circle of peace that I believe should surround everybody. That circle is an extension of the true nature of all people. We are not human beings wired up to a circuit board of experiences which will make us excited, disappointed, happy, sad etc forever; that would mean we are not really in control of what we feel. That would mean that our lives (and the people in them) are controlling us. That would mean that if we decide to switch off from the world entirely, we cannot do it. That would be a sad state to be in. It would mean stress and trouble would be able to impose itself upon us, and we would be hapless to deal with it.

If we end up like that we would have to rely heavily of having regular good sleep to rejuvenate our nervous system and relieve us of our stresses and distinguish our troubles. But what if that does not happen? What if you can’t sleep properly?
People who find it difficult to relax are too wired up to the world around them. They are too externally focussed and allow influences to alter their soul’s true expansion of its calmness into their life. The soul is perpetually peaceful, and wants to manifest its calmness and self-control into lives so that we do not have the oscillations of pain and pleasure, but instead experience a life which is measured, constructive, undisturbed, and joyful.

When you are unable to relax, you have become a “victim” of experience and pressure. You are controlled by events and they are clinging to you, even when you say, “enough, leave me be” they may continue to haunt your mind and shroud your soul. We all experience this, but as often as you get the chance you should practise reclaiming the kingdom of your mind back, with yogic relaxation.