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Product Name : The Eyeball Technique


It's so easy to feel restless and lose track of what you're doing in today's busy and chaotic world. This incredibly straighforward yet effective technique shows you how you can regain control of your wandering mind through stilling the movement of your eyeballs. Excellent for improving concentration and bringing your mind back into a calm and focused state so that you can perform your daily activities peacefully and productively.

"I've only got 5 minutes!" is a special meditation / stress-management tool designed for the busy, "high-flying" individual who doesn't always have 10-15 minutes to unwind/relax/de-stress. Neil Patel created an effective and efficient set of exercises that condensed Chi Kri meditation and breathing techniques into 10 formidabe 5 minutes tools. 

Exclusive to Chi Kri, you can now download the individual techniques, put them on your iPod or MP3 and take the world reknowned power of Chi Kri and Neil Patel with you, wherever you go!

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