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      Back for 2018!   

Buckland Hall, Wales
With Neil Patel feat. The Chi Kri Yoga Family

Yes! After a three-year break from the breath-taking Chi Kri Summer Retreats, we decided it was time to pull the family back together again! - For a weekend in the fresh air, sunlight and greenery. These weekends inspire, motivate, recharge and leave a positive effect on all who attend for weeks to come.

This year the focus will be on recharging you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically – the Chi Kri Yoga Way. You’ll have a bit more time, a bit more space and a bit more freedom to wander...

Literally ALL ours at Chi Kri Yoga! 

We invite you to join us for a weekend of peace, harmony, enlightening conversation, electrifying soul-charging talks, invigorating yoga exercises, and blissful meditations…

But what’s changed since the last Summer Retreat in 2015? Well, for starters, the prices haven’t. In this current climate of pre-Brexit uncertainty, we’re rolling back the years to 2015’s rates:

There will be no increase in prices.

But what about you?
We’re in 2018 now and life has already fallen into a string of automated habits, patterns and programs. Much like the computers and phones we live with….Does this sound like you?

You wake up fully-charged, “boot up” your mind, switch on your senses and say “Good morning!” to the WiFi!
You run your daily software, and you’re off!
If you’re lucky, you’ll install a new app, meet an attractive new user and have time for a gigabyte for lunch!
After work, you might play a few games - before you go to the home-screen, turn on “sleep mode” and eventually “crash”out at 4%!  

For 3 days in July 2018, unplug your brain and join the Chi Kri family again on a journey of spiritual discovery! We’ll eat your Apple Mac and happily smash your Windows
into recovery mode!

It’s time for a re-boot folks…

Let’s stand together, as we contemplate a better tomorrow, whilst looking over the undulating mountains and distant silvery rivers, which you can call “home” in July.


Let’s watch the sunset on the veranda whilst being surrounded by some of the nicest people you’re ever likely to meet!  

Wake up for Chi Kri Yoga Classes, taken next to your favourite Chi Kri friends and family...

...and sleep with deep guided relaxations and periods of soulful chanting

– or total silence, all under the watchful gaze of Founder Neil Patel and Chi Kri’s best teachers.  

Have your mind stirred by great music, interactive exercises and Chi Kri philosophies that will become part of your future thinking for years!

Your biggest decision will be, am I going for the vegan option?

Or – Am I going to use the “Digital Dungeon” for my phone? (For the first time, Chi Kri Yoga will be locking up anyone’s phone that wishes to have a disciplined digital detox!)

Most dietary requirements are easily catered for, and nearer the time we’ll send out a Retreat Guide with the address, directions and information on what you need to bring with you.

The weekend will begin after work on Friday, and you’ll be back before bedtime on the Sunday…

You’ll be staying in a stunning Mansion House, and will have 62 acres of land, including a 10 acre arboretum, woodlands, river access, swan lakes and a writing veranda to use.

Every inch will be yours to explore and enjoy. No one ever wants to leave!
Bring your yoga mats, your writing pads and that inspirational book you’ve always wanted to read (but never had time!) - and let’s enjoy this weekend together….

What Now?

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