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Need a New Direction?

Want to Evolve?

Thirsty for Knowledge?

Being a Chi Kri Yoga Teacher could be for you!


The Chi Kri Gold Standard Yoga Teacher Training Course is NOT
like any other training course! 


You WILL learn how to be a Professional, Fully-Qualified and Insurable Yoga teacher with one of the most authentic and longest serving Yoga Schools in the UK (40 years)


Be trained in Character, Spiritual Evolution, Metaphysics, Personal Expression, Creativity and Life Skills that will make you a WINNER in every area of your life!

It's not easy, and it's not for everyone.... 

“If you're looking to make a quick buck, and just be taught textbook yoga this is not the course for you. However, if you want to evolve as a human being, and have a lot of fun along the way, this is the perfect opportunity.” - Rakhee 

Neil Patel with students at a Chi Kri Class

The training is led personally by the Chi Kri Founder and Grandmaster of the style Neil Patel, whose lineage in yoga dates back many decades in the UK through Tara Patel (who was the first teacher to bring out a series of Yoga Videos and the first on BBC televsion to have a Yoga Series), and even further back to India, where his Great Grandfather was a Yogi and renuncient who lived in a forest meditating!
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Neil Patel in full Lotus Pose

Neil's own 25 years of teaching and training experience have included 10s of 1000s of students worldwide, being the "go to" guy for some of the world's largest financial instituions, like HSBC, on stress management, creating subjects like Hip Hop Yoga, being the "rappingyogi" and also using Chi Kri Yoga to overcome Cancer in his own body for a consistent 14 year period without any surgery, radiotheraphy or chemo. His body of work is unique and highly regarded. 

“Easily the best teacher you will find in the UK today. And you will probably have to search very hard, and for a very long time, to find a better teacher anywhere else in the world. He is head and shoulders above any of the hundreds of teachers that I have met so far.”  - Dr M. Shah

Subjects you'd expect to be covered on the Chi Kri Gold Course:

Asanas (postures of yoga)
Asana Adjustments
Pranayama (breathing exercises)
How to teach a Yoga Class
Chakras and energy centres
The philosophy and history of Yoga
The 10 principle disciplines of Yoga

Subjets you may not expect, but WILL be covered:

The science of how God works
The 26 points of a Great Yoga Teacher
The 24,000 year cycles of existence
How the Human Being was formed 
How to walk like a leader
Where the soul comes from
The Unquestionable Meaning of life 
Overcoming your Karmas
The 14 planets in the Yogic Universe
Training the Voice for teaching 

"If you are even slightly considering embarking on this course then my advice to you is to take the plunge and apply. You may not get an opportunity like this again. Chi Kri Gold is the most precious gift that you could give to yourself!” - Mehul

Neil Patel greeting you with some qualified Chi Kri Gold Trainees


To Find Out More, Contact: 

To speak to Neil Patel directly, click below:

We hope you trust us, and join this journey of yoga, spiritual development and practical learning!