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The Most Amazing Course In Yoga Has...

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Chi Kri Gold Standard 2017! 

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Some of the 2015/16 Trainees on Graduation Day

Experience. Tradition. Evolution.


If you are looking to grow in new, unimaginable ways and push yourself into the journey of becoming the best version of yourself then the Chi Kri Gold Teacher Training is defintely the course for you!  

This course will inspire, empower and create peace in its trainee’s hearts; and give them the power to influence their students to be positive members of the human race! 


You need to know to start teaching yoga, whilst also being trained in the Chi Kri lifestyle which will include philosophy, personal expression and creativity.


The subjects we will cover include:

The Philosophy and History of Chi Kri Yoga

  • The Art and Science of Yoga Poses including the Chi Kri Surya Namaskar, asana adjustments and sequencing

  • Philosophy of yoga including the the Ashtanga Yoga system and Yamas and Niyamas

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Pranayama – the eight classical breathing exercises and Chi Kri Yoga breathing techniques

  • Relaxation and Concentration – how to relax and develop concentration

  • The Chi Kri Meditation System

  • Chakras

  • The Art of bringing together Asana, Pranayama and Meditation in a Class

  • The philosophy of teaching others


Chi Kri's core ethos is to bring peace out in the individual, with a larger aim of bringing peace out in the world. We believe the disconnection with the soul, the reservoir of the human higher nature, is the reason why an individual may not enjoy constant happiness within. So reconnecting them with their inner-self through natural and harmonizing practices like yoga and meditation is one of our driving principles.


We believe the soul in each human being has the potential to achieve, and do, anything, and we wish to bring that power out in everyone - so that spiritual victory becomes a daily life experience under all circumstances.

You will learn how to be a Professional, Fully-Qualified and Insurable Yoga teacher with one of the most authentic and longest serving Yoga Schools in the UK (40 years)

Chi Kri Teacher Miti demonstrates Virabhadrasana II (Warrior 2) alongside Chi Kri Teacher Mehul

“If you're looking to make a quick buck, and just be taught textbook yoga this is not the course for you. However, if you want to evolve as a human being, and have a lot of fun along the way, this is the perfect opportunity.” - Rakhee 

The training will be led by Chi Kri Platinum Teachers Mehul Shah and Miti Shah and the Chi Kri Founder and Grandmaster Neil Patel.

Mehul Shah

Mehul teaching a class

Yoga has been the greatest gift that Mehul has received in his lifetime. It has made him healthier, stronger, and calmer and a more loving person.

 In 2012 he quit his highly successful career in Information Technology that spanned over 23 years so that he could be fully committed to teaching yoga.  He has recently achieved the Chi Kri Platinum Advanced Yoga Teacher qualification in 2016.

“Mehul’s classes span so much more than yoga in its physical form. He is technically brilliant, putting us into postures I did not think achievable.  

He is a philosopher, wisely guiding us through the ups and downs of life, inspiring equanimity and courage in the face of stress. He is humorous and clever, making his classes light hearted yet with gravity of character.  He is a life coach who makes us feel safe, calm and brave.” – Richa Varma

Miti Shah

Miti Shah in Hanumanasana

Having experienced the tremendous benefits of yoga herself over 20 years ago with her own yoga practice, Miti’s mission is to empower others through wisdom and guidance to see their own strength, confidence and beauty within unfold.


Miti has recently received her Chi Kri Platinum Standard Certificate in July 2016.


“With a pure and caring approach, Miti incorporates all mind, body and soul yoga principals into every single class. She creates a calm and supportive learning environment ensuring that each student’s confidence is developed. I feel touched by her individualized support both in class and out.” – Nilam Patel

Neil Patel

Neil Patel in full Lotus Pose

What more can be said about Neil's 25+ years of teaching and training experience, that has included 10s of 1000s of students worldwide, being the "go to" guy for some of the world's largest financial instituions, like HSBC, on stress management, creating subjects like Hip Hop Yoga, being the "rappingyogi" and also using Chi Kri Yoga to overcome Cancer in his own body for a consistent 16 year period without any surgery, radiotheraphy or chemo. His body of work is unique, highly regarded and exceptional.

Neil's lineage in yoga dates back many decades in the UK through Tara Patel (who was the first teacher to bring out a series of Yoga Videos and the first on BBC televsion to have a Yoga Series), and even further back to India, where his Great Grandfather was a Yogi and renuncient who lived in a forest meditating! (read more here)

“Easily the best teacher you will find in the UK today. And you will probably have to search very hard, and for a very long time, to find a better teacher anywhere else in the world. He is head and shoulders above any of the hundreds of teachers that I have met so far.”  - Dr M. Shah

Some subjects we will talk about on the course include:

True Ahimsa as the non-violence of thought, word and deed


How to protect yourself from the negativity of the World


Techniques of yogic cleanliness


How to Master your Mind


How to instantly access any feeling at will


The strength of soundwaves in Meditation


How to achieve the breath-less state


Why the word Yoga means Love


The 27 Points of an Excellent Teacher


How to destroy illness through the Sun Breath

"If you are even slightly considering embarking on this course then my advice to you is to take the plunge and apply. You may not get an opportunity like this again. Chi Kri Gold is the most precious gift that you could give to yourself!” - Mehul

Neil Patel greeting you with some qualified Chi Kri Gold Trainees



To speak to Neil Patel directly, click below:

We hope you trust us, and join this journey of yoga, spiritual development and practical learning!