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November 10th, Ascot, Berks

ALERT! 20 Reduced Rate spaces released....

Yoga Exercise. Motivational Talks. Meditation. Interactive Spiritual Education. Breathing Exercises. Readings + More!

Here’s the thing: What really brings about change in your life is your Passion, Energy, Hunger and Desire for change!

How badly do you NEED changes? What do you need to do? Have you been desperate enough for it? Have you hit the “edge” of where you are? Are you actually ready for change, and are you willing to make certain disciplines a part of your day?

What you need for change is a FORCE that sets your OWN change in MOTION!

Transformation, development, direction and passion come from within yourself – NO ONE CAN GIVE YOU THESE THINGS! What you need is a spark from somewhere…

That’s where WE come in: Chi Kri is the force that ignites your fire!
It is the flame that wakes you up with Wisdom, Energy, Love, Truth, Happiness and Compassion and sets you free to break down your barriers and shake your world to its core!

We don’t preach, we Deliver PURE SOUL Power! This isn’t Religion; this is far more powerful than that!  This is the power of YOU my friend, you….yes, YOU!

Neil Patel and the team at Chi Kri are a World Renowned Force that have cracked the codes to life – and will tell you how to do it.

23 years and 1000s
of people have changed their lives under the direction of Neil Patel and Chi Kri. Never miss an opportunity to be around Chi Kri! No matter what you know, you will get to know more! 

FREE 84 page exclusive NEW Book presented to all attendees! 

Whatever you are doing in autumn, set everything aside for this

A full hot buffet lunch, a fabulous hearty 3 course dinner, refreshments all day, plus a FREE exclusive first copy of the new Chi Kri Book “Anger is blocked love” (84 page inspirational printed book! See overleaf)

Booking in groups is the cheapest way, so do not book alone! Book your space today by contacting Chi Kri at: / 0207 625 7994 / 07956 60 88 99

For those of you who want to make it a Full Weekend, we are holding a yoga class the evening before, followed by a 3 course meal, a spiritual Satsang and a late night meditation before bed!

Those who stay will get a great room with Wi-Fi, TV and everything else they need, plus a hearty buffet breakfast in the morning (not to mention having 5 hours in the afternoon of Saturday the 9th to enjoy the grounds fully and relax) – all this even before they begin the official One Day Retreat!

These full weekend attendees will also be the first to receive the new Chi Kri book – and will receive signed copies with a personal message written to each and every overnight attendee…

Of course, this package will cost more, but you can choose which package suits you below.

The Retreat Packages

The One Day Package includes:

+ 12 hour access to The Chi Kri Seminar t from 10am - 10pm 

+ All day refreshments

+ Full buffet lunch

+ 3 course dinner

+ Exclusive first copy of New Chi Kri Book: "The Soul of Chi Kri Volume 1"

The Residential Packages include all the above *PLUS*:

+ Free time on the grounds to relax and enjoy from 2pm on Saturday

+ 7pm Chi Kri Yoga class

+ 3 course dinner

+ Chi Kri evening Satsang (spiritual discussion)

+ Chi Kri Meditation session

+ Bedroom with TV, WiFi etc.

+ Full breakfast

The Retreat Investment

*NEW* Suite extension - Another 20 spaces available at the rear of the hall for a Reduced Rate!

One Day Retreat: Single ticket: £184  
£111 p/p (save £73!)

 Two or more tickets: £97 p/p (save £87!)

Residential Package: Double Rooms: £327 p/p

Single Executive Room: £347