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The Chi Kri Summer Retreat 2013

26th – 28th July 2013

Precisely what you need, and exactly what you deserve

front of your retreat venue

Take just one weekend out this Summer for your health, fitness and well-being. 

Let Chi Kri take care of your food, your rooms, and your activities; you can just relax and give yourself a sweet soulful break…

Come with us to the most magnificent retreat venue in the UK nestled deep in the heart of the valleys, hills and rivers of scenic Wales.


view from a typical window at your retreat

Smile and be free amidst the fresh air, sunshine and 62 acres of land we have hired for you.

 rear of venue by night

Roam, laugh, or just sit down on the grass; but let Chi Kri take you back to happiness, peace…. and yoga.

With a retreat schedule that includes three yoga fitness sessions, three meditation sessions, breathing exercises, chanting, walks, group activities, inspirational talks, and plenty of time for silent reflection, reading or just enjoying stillness...

....this retreat is precisely what you need, and exactly what you deserve.

From 7am to 11pm you will find friends, activities and natural surroundings of secret gardens, sunken gardens, flower walks, river, hills and fields in all directions.

"rhodedendron walk"

With food
 tastefully prepared by well-trained chefs of a spiritual nature, and rooms over-looking the greenery, on the last day we promise you will think... 

I wish this moment would last for a little longer….”

Neil Patel and Chi Kri will be your hosts.

For 22 years Neil Patel has taught yoga, and for 36 years his family have hosted yoga retreats, seminars and events in the UK. You could not be in more professional hands when it comes to yoga related activities.


You will arrive at 5pm on Friday just before a hearty dinner is served at 7:30pm...

...and be treated with love and attention until after a delicious lunch on Sunday afternoon. All special diets will be catered for.

Prices (including food, teaching, full access and rooms for the entire retreat) if you book this month (June) are:

view from a typical window at your retreat

Budget: £291 for a humble mattress placed in a shared room (very limited)

Large shared: £397 for a family room with double en-suite (4/5 beds) per person

Couple of friends: £417 for a double en-suite (twin or double-bed) per person

*New* Single without en-suite: £397 for a single bed (very limited)

*NewExclusive private room: £497 for double en-suite room to yourself.

All bookings are secured with a deposit of £47, which can be paid here. CLICK HERE

At this point 62 spaces have been sold and very few remain,

Any questions, email us here - CLICK HERE

Neil Patel and the Chi Kri Retreat Management team.