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Evolve with chi kri
Autumn 2012 – winter 2013 (approx. oct. 2012 – dec. 2013)
A Chi Kri Yoga teacher training course which gives you the chance to achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of qualification:
Bronze – Completing the course fully attaining knowledge and experience.
Silver – Completing and passing all exams to be a qualified yoga teacher (CKY Diploma)
Gold – Completing, passing, qualifying and being offered the chance to become a Chi Kri Yoga teacher carrying the brand.
“You cannot learn to be a yoga teacher. You evolve into becoming a yoga teacher.  Knowledge doesn’t make you a good teacher; that makes you a robot! Wisdom, life experience, practise, love, patience and a genuine interest in personal human development makes you a good teacher. This is not about learning and repeating like a parrot; it’s about growing, changing, and becoming what you are taught. These are not easy things to do though - because your ego will fight you all the way. And unless you are ready to win your own battles through yoga, you will not inspire a student to win theirs!” – Neil Patel. Director of Chi Kri Ltd.
Learn the art of yoga teaching from a lineage in the UK of 36 years. Chi Kri Yoga is one of the original and most influential yoga styles in London and offers you the chance to be qualified under its teacher training course in 2012/13. During the fourteen months of training and assessments you will be personally mentored by Neil Patel until you have all you need to take the final examinations.
Passing these will enable you to teach yoga anywhere in the world. You will have “CKY Diploma (CKY Dip.)” as your insurable title and will be insured under Chi Kri Yoga’s qualification with our reputed associates.  You may also be given a chance to work under Chi Kri as many teachers have in the past – setting up personally and financially satisfying careers.
Even if you do not want to teach right now, or ever, the depth of understanding and sheer weight of experience you will gain from this course will remain with you for life as a pillar of knowledge for you mind, body and soul to rely upon.
The course will require monthly meetings for one day on a Sunday - the time required will be between 3 and 6 hours in the late afternoon or early evening. You will also be required to study during the interim month, practise the techniques you learn, set up very small practise classes of you own, and many other small tasks to keep you absorbing and practising this vast subject before your exams.
Your role at Chi Kri will also change.
Not only will you be required to attend every class as regularly as possible, but you will become more active in set up, set down, class assistance, adjustments, shadowing and other small training roles to prepare you for handling classes one day. You will also be selected on occasions to accompany Chi Kri to events to watch, take notes, and assist in the yoga environment. The whole process will be natural and organic, nothing will be rushed and nothing will be slow.
Occasionally some of you will be summoned to extra bonus sessions and lectures by Neil Patel at late notice. These will not be mandatory, but will be spontaneous moments to go deeper into the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga. It is wise to try and attend these “Satsangs” (inspirational impromptu teachings) if you are called.
Neil trains in the traditional Indian way that has been followed for thousands of years – which is to remain as a mentor throughout the process.  Many courses will pump out teachers in a week or two. But this does not allow for the maturing process.
At this stage, Chi Kri is still keen to produce and develop teachers, not throw them out over a weekend. Excellent students make excellent teachers - and that is what this course will make you – great at absorbing and hopefully great at teaching.
You will be able to ask all the questions you have ever wanted about yoga and Chi Kri – and you’ll be directed to the answers - or given them directly. You will be kept under the guidance of Neil and asked to remain strictly under the mental discipline of Chi Kri throughout. Teaching is not just a job, it is a responsibility. It is not just a career, it is an honour.
As is stated, a yoga teacher is not a place you can “learn” to arrive at; it is a place you will evolve to become. The “job” of teaching will be explained to you in a way you will have never heard – and you will realise that it will take personal development as well as knowledge to create the shift needed to become a true Chi Kri leader of classes.
The course consists of nine main areas:
1.      Twelve regular teacher’s classes
These make up the main content of the course. Students attend a location in North West London and take copious notes, which are then to be taken home and typed up for study. Dictaphones are allowed in the sessions (after signing a useage form) but filming is not. It is essential that none of these sessions are missed. Dates will be set minimum 3 weeks in advance. If you absolutely cannot make a session you must get notes/recordings from another student.
2.      Practical examinations
Training to be a teacher means being assessed on your teaching ability in a real situation; this will be tested in various ways – with fellow trainees, members of the public and fellow students of Chi Kri – as well as on the Mentor. All of this will count towards the final grade.
3.      Written examinations
Although knowledge is not everything in Chi Kri Yoga instruction, being able to accurately recall benefits, precautions, relevant information, and the general philosophy of yoga is extremely important to being a great teacher. So a high % of your final grade will be based on memory recall of information taught over the 12 modules.
4.      Self-study
The student will need to make adequate time every month to study and go over the notes they have taken down. They will also be asked to practise certain techniques daily so that they are developing spiritually and physically towards their ultimate goal of self-realisation (Eliminating weaknesses of character and manifesting soul potential)
5.      Class note-taking
Students will be required to take some notes in class every week (pads to be brought to sessions). And some weeks will be asked to only take notes – normally once every ten lessons, this allows time to really observe from a personal perspective the running of a class, and to note how postures, meditations etc taught and instructed in a live situation.
6.      Class shadowing and adjusting
Later on in the course, trainees will be asked to shadow the mentor in class. This will mean moving with him through adjustments and meeting the students at various classes and events. This gives a teacher’s eye view of a yoga class situation.
7.      Class management training
The practical business and interactive side of running a class is often a shock to new teachers so trainees are called in early sometimes and relieved slightly later on occasions for class management duty – this ranges from greeting students entering to moving tables, checking the floor is immaculate, to preparing the teaching area and taking fees in. Tasks and chosen students will vary.
8.      Class demonstration training
Once the course is underway certain students will be placed in new positions in class to get used to central locations in a hall, and some will be used for demoing certain poses. Later on, portions of the class may be given to advanced trainees to try and conduct for five minutes at a time. All of this helps shatter the nerves of speaking and demoing to groups. You will be notified if any of the goes towards your final grade. Confidence is one of the most important factors in leading others. This can take time and practise to get correct. Too much confidence is just as bad as too little.
9.       Private teaching practise
As soon as the course begins, it is time to start training to teach! Under Chi Kri you will be asked to take out a Chi Kri training insurance – this will enable you to start teaching your friends and family (in a non-commercial way) whatever you have learned about yoga. Chi Kri recommends you do this once every two weeks at least to start applying whatever you learn with a small group of people. It is the perfect way to start breaking through the teaching barrier and absorbing information by practising it.
The content modules consists of twelve lessons
1.      Philosophy of Chi Kri/Yoga – what is Chi Kri? What is yoga? What is teaching?
This will be an introduction to teaching, yoga, Neil Patel, Chi Kri and the course. It will form the foundation of everything you go on to do in the future. You will get the Chi Kri way, vibe and secrets to being a phenomenal instructor. You will also get to understand the spiritual connection and practises of a yoga teacher – and how the view of life will begin to change under the guidance of Chi Kri’s metaphysical teachings.
2.      Philosophy of yoga – Ashtanga Yoga system – Yamas and Niyamas
Here you will be introduced to the eight limbed Ashtanga yoga system. This is the system all modern yoga is based on – Chi Kri included. It has eight limbs and two of them are Yama and Niyamas – the personal and public codes of conduct for a yoga – five of each. They fascinating to learn and will require a full six hour session
3.      Philosophy of yoga – Metaphysics – The Universe according to yoga
Chi Kri is built on the bedrock of yogic science and a complete understand of metaphysics and the nature of God. Without this understanding there is too much weight on faith alone. Chi Kri teaches that you must have rational explanations for the Universe and how and why Humankind came into being. From the atom to cosmic delusion, all the universal principles will be explained.
4.      Philosophy of yoga – Chakras and meditation
The Chakras are central to yoga. They are the keys to reversing the process of entering the body at birth, and lifting your being back to its rightful home in Spirit – or the state of being known as “Heaven”, Samadhi, or Nirvana These seven cerebrospinal centres are the stations for the soul, and unlocking them through meditation sets many powers and levels of consciousness free - a truly enlightening subject full of colour, sound and structure.
5.      Meditation – The Chi Kri meditation system
Possibly the most vital aspect of yoga is meditation. This is the practise that the posture work of yoga was built for - to support the bodily structure for hours of long meditation. However, as well as being crucial to development, it is also clouded in mystery and intrigue. Chi Kri has a fifteen level system of meditation – and whilst it is not necessary or possible to learn all levels in your training, you will be taught the major ones as they will be first ones you will teach. They are effective, yet simple, just as meditation is supposed to be.
6.      Pranayama – The eight classical breath/life force techniques
Popularised by breathing exercises like the “alternate nostril breathing” pranayama is an accessible yet deeply powerful subject that deal with concepts like consciousness, the nervous system and spiritual awakening. There are eight exercises that are common to yoga that will be taught, plus some basics of Chi Kri breathing philosophy.
7.      Relaxation and Concentration – How to relax and train concentration
Without the ability to relax and concentrate, it is impossible to meditate. This module teaches how to switch off the nervous system and withdraw all the vital currents of energy back to the spine and brain. It is from here that they can be focussed on the higher practises of yoga. How to relax on the floor, how to balance, and how to teach both these skills will be taught to the trainee teachers.
8.      Asana 1 – The art of yoga poses
The student learns more about poses during class than any other time – by practising them. But this module explains the structure, meaning and benefits of a pose. It also teaches the true feeling behind a pose and the correct way to enter and leave a position. As a trainee, it is also just as important to demo positions as well as verbally instruct them. Both these crucial aspects will also be taught.
9.      Asana 2 – The art of Chi Kri sequences
Chi Kri classes are known for their creativity and never having the same class structure twice. In this module you are taught the sequences and how to teach them and also how to re-sequence asanas, how to create a class structure, and what rules to observe when placing different poses and movements side by side. This is creative side of teaching asanas – the planning and sequencing.
10. Asana adjustments – Adjustments on the floor
Students in a class cannot see themselves, and rarely know how to adjust themselves to get the best out of a pose. Many do not even know how maneuverer themselves to feel the correct experience in the pose. This is where the teacher needs to come in and explain, through touch, how to achieve the maximum from a pose.
11. Asana adjustments – Adjustments from standing
Naturally, adjusting another human being is not an easy task, and if done incorrectly or inappropriately causes far more harm than good. In both the adjustment modules trainees are taught how to adjust, touch and speak to a student during adjustments of floor and standing poses.
12. Teaching – The philosophy of teaching others
The final module is how to teach! This is something that ties to whole series up –communication. How to express yourself, get the right volume, be friendly, hold command and discipline and many other subtle skills which make a teacher respectable, likable and, most of all, effective. If you’ve never done anything in the public before, this will be the most important module to you.
The final grade will consist of three areas
Private teaching assessment – teaching in front of your fellow trainee teachers
A 20 minute class for your fellow trainees that has to involve a warm up, 3 asanas, some breathing, meditation and relaxation
Dummy classes – teaching in front of new people and students
You will get marks on your approach to teaching in real life class environments
Written examination – Examination for 3 hours
Most of your marks will come via a three hour final paper
This course will be very much “hands on”. As soon as possible you will be getting involved with teaching and dealing the public and the practical side of teaching yoga.
Chi Kri will arrange an insurance company to cover you yearly as a trainee teacher. This will be imperative to your practice classes, and working on each other in training, as well as your own private teaching study and work within the public classes.
For the first year Chi Kri will pay for your insurance*
Past testimonial
“Neil gives above and beyond in all he does. I have been very fortunate to have been in the presence of Neil's company for many years from where I have picked up a lot of knowledge.
Not only did the Chi Kri Teacher Training program educate me about yoga it also gave me invaluable lessons for my self-development and self-realization.
Neil has an abundance of knowledge which he shared with us. This enabled me to build a great basis and foundation from which I could teach and continue learning. Seeds were being planted along the way having come into fruition in their own time.
Neil is a very inspirational teacher/ mentor, driven by a passion to get the best for all his trainees. This is shown constantly through his teaching method and approach on every subject.
The high standard of training was delivered in a comprehensive, manageable fashion with the time taken to break each subject down - I could not have asked for anything more.
Having qualified with the Chi Kri Teacher Training program, this has given me the opportunity to do what I really enjoy and make it into a very rewarding career both mentally and financially. Not only has my yoga career enabled me to pass on this amazing knowledge it also has, in a financially unstable world, allowed me to generate my own income, which is growing all the time.
As well as learning about yoga, Neil taught me a great deal of business knowledge from the very basics of setting up a class to profit margins, advertising for maximization - Basically how to run your own business.
I am so blessed to have Neil as my mentor, teacher and friend; for now I too am able to pass on my gained knowledge to my students. Thank you Neil for the amazing journey which I have travelled on with you”

- Karupa Patel
Course investment

During the course, any Chi Kri class students will have yoga terms at £97 per 10 lessons instead of £127 (or the current rate); If students are already in receipt of a Chi Kri discount this will not be applicable.
*All trainees who are able to complete the payments within 12 month of the first booking date will receive FREE insurance for the duration of 12 month from the start of the course.
The fourteen months of training that include the 12 modules, 3 examination methods, and 12 month’s insurance which can enable you to reach the Bronze, Silver or Gold Standard of Chi Kri Yoga.
Once you are well-established note that it is perfectly possible to repay yourself the investment in this course within 6 weeks of yoga class teaching. The demand for classes is growing and spreading into new markets all the time.
If you consider this as an investment into your knowledge, development and earning potential you will see the true value of this course in your life.
All deals/bookings must be initiated with an £47 deposit paid on the 1st of July 2012. NO BOOKINGS OR CONFIRMATIONS OF ENTRANCE WILL BE AGREED/SENT OUT BEFORE THIS DEPOSIT HAS BEEN RECEIVED. This amount will then be deducted from your final investment. The only way this part of the process is forfeited is if you pay the FULL amount on the 1st of July 2012 (receiving the best deal as listed).
Your deals
If the payment is made in one lump sum before the 8th of July 2012:
If the payment is made in one lump sum before the 15th of July 2012:
If the payment is made in one lump sum before the 22nd of July 2012:
If the payment is made in one lump sum before the 29th of July 2012:
If the payment is made in one lump sum before the 26th of August 2012:
If the payment is made in 12 monthly instalments beginning on the 1st July 2012:
£271.41 p/month (total repayment including interest: £3,257)
If the payment is made in 24 monthly instalments beginning on the 1st July 2012:
£158.20 p/month (£3,797)
Neil’s final word
“Yoga is arguably one of the greatest subjects on Earth today. It is the science of sciences! It is the science of HOW we descended into the body, WHY we came, and HOW we are to transcend back to our supernatural origin. Yoga is the subject of those who wish to manifest their spiritual potential in life, there is no other subject that will give you this power! And whilst Chi Kri does not claim to make you a God, it does claim to direct you on the correct path to manifesting the God in you.
Once in a lifetime you get a chance to study within a yoga system that has come from a true yoga linage, and that is led by one who has bet his own life on his own teachings! (My blood is under clinical examination currently to discover the reason why it created a natural response to Grade 3 Cancer without any treatment – this was all Chi Kri work on myself i.e. pure soul power) I cannot claim you can create the miracles I have, but again, I can show you some of the same tools I use.
Once in a lifetime you get a chance to take a day a month to sit with 20 or so other souls all keenly focused on studying this master subject under a devoted mentor. This time is now and I am that mentor.
I know my confidence is bold. My confidence stems from 21 years of teaching and 36 years of growing up with yoga teaching in my home. It comes from challenging Yoga and God to prove themselves to me as a young boy/teen.  It comes from pushing myself off the edge and climbing back with the knowledge of Yoga. It comes from having the guts to stand alone at 21 and start my own company which would represent the most ancient of sciences with my own stamp of individualism. I done all of this and was successful in everything eventually - by the grace of God. You should feel learning under me has no price and that no time is better spent than here. If you have registered interest thus far, there should be no turning back.
Yoga is a strong subject that holds nothing back, it is Truth and Truth bends for nothing and no one. If you are ready to take on the challenge under me, then you will come forward without any reservation. If it is not your time, then so be it. All paths will lead to God eventually anyway!
This is an honest statement aimed at letting you know clearly the passion, commitment and insight you will get from me. The closer you get to the source the more it’s going to improve you, but you need to be tough, humble and determined.
So there you have it! I have shown you a glimpse of the commitment I have to my work and the passion I possess. And if you accept the training you will definitely come out better and closer to yoga, your soul and God. I look forward to receiving your applications now, let’s do this!”
-          Neil Patel