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Resurrect yourself this Easter!
With 14 powerful breathing exercises in just 3 hours!

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Neil Patel practising brahmari pranayama

Yoga Workshop with Neil Patel

An incredibly POWERFUL AND LIFE-CHANGING class where I will take you through 14 exercises that will provide you with ROBUST health and IMPROVED immunity as well as increasing your DETOXIFICATION and OXYGENATING your blood! You will practise all EIGHT of the ancient classical pranayamas (including the BEE/Brahmari breath, the ICE TUNNEL/Sitali breath AND the SNAKE HISS/Sitkari breath as well some special Chi Kri Yoga Breathing Techniques. Even if you know some of these IT’S ALWAYS GOOD TO PRACTISE WITH A TEACHER whenever you can! You will be more disciplined, pick up more knowledge, get some adjustments, ask some questions, and just enjoy the great vibration and power of the classroom! With all this extra health and vitality you could work harder, play harder, meditate longer, focus better, sleep better, FEEL BETTER and probably even live a longer, happier life. What would you do with improved healthfulness? How would it affect you? Do you want to prevent disease or protect your health? Or is that not something you need?

4-7pm / Sunday 17th April 2011 / Moor Park

What exactly is in the class?ALL THIS! Part 1: 4- 4:45pm – Practise of Chi Kri Yogic breathing (4 part breathing), Kapal Bhati (Stomach pump), Bhastrika (Chest, heart and lymph exercises), Rotated breathing, Stomach-cutting breath, and Digestive power breathing. Part 2: 4:45-5:30pm – Review and practise of Nadi Sudhana and Anulom Vilom (Alternate nostril breathing), Surya bhedan (Sun breath), Chandra Bhedan (Moon breath) and Ujjayi pranayama (Hot throat breath) Break / Part 3: 5:45 – 7pm – Teaching and practise of Sitkali and Sheetali pranayama (cooling breaths), Bramhmari (bee breath)
£35 before April 7th (£30 each for couples or children)

£40 from April 8th-17th (£35 for couples or children)
You can request a FREE YOGA BOOK worth £17.97 with every NEW Chi Kri booking made before April the 7th 2011
If you are ready to book today, please use the account details below to finalize your space/s and contact me to inform you have done so.
Barclays Bank / Chi Kri Ltd / SC: 20 73 53 / AN: 4024 8142
Hope to see some of you there! – Neil