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The Science of Breath
Yogic Pranayama Workshop with Neil Patel
Two part workshop on the ancient art of breath control for health
4-7pm / Sunday 20th March 2011 / Moor Park
It’s not as simple as breathing in and out. Learning these phenomenal methods of controlling the mind, nervous system and cellular health through manipulating your breath can actually save you years of ill health and even reverse the aging process! Yogic breathing has been used for 6,000 years to free Mankind from disease, stress, ignorance and suffering of all kind. And if that wasn’t enough, once you’ve learnt it from an experienced yoga teacher, it’s free for life! So in the long run what you learn with me will save you hours of wasted energy and probably a lot of money as well. Take your chance to learn these simple techniques with me and let me show you the easiest way to better health through Chi Kri Yoga.
Part 1:
4- 5:30pm – Review and practise of Chi Kri Yogic breathing (4 part breathing), Kapal Bhati (Stomach pump), Bhastrika (Chest, heart and lymph exercises), Rotated breathing, Stomach-cutting breath, and Digestive power breathing.
Break / Part 2:
5:45-7pm – Teaching and practise of Nadi Sudhana and Anulom Vilom (Alternate nostril breathing), Surya bhedan (Sun breath), Chandra Bhedan (Moon breath) and Ujjayi pranayama (Hot throat breath)

To book space at this workshop with Neil, act now because the spaces are limited. The last one SOLD OUT in a week. Please contact to reserve a place, register your interest or finalize your booking. / 0208 868 52 55 / 07956 60 88 99 /

£35 before March 6th / £30 each for couples or children /£40 March from 6th-20th / £35 for couples or children
You can request a FREE YOGA BOOK worth £17.97 with every NEW Chi Kri booking made before March the 6th 2011
If you are ready to book today, please use the account details below to finalise your space.
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