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Wednesday the 22nd of December 2010 / Sudbury, Harrow 11:30am – 1:30pm
Don’t you wish there were buttons you could press which would GENUINELY improve your RELATIONSHIPS, FEELINGS, ENERGY LEVELS, MIND POWER, HEALTH AND SPIRITUALITY?
God, yes GOD, has made YOUR life very very easy! He put 7 buttons on your spine which you can “press” to create ANY EFFECT you want! JOY? Yes. BETTER DIGESTION? Yes. INCREASED WILL POWER? Yes. FERTILITY? Yes! Anything and everything you could dream of is controlled by these 7 buttons! (No, there is no weight loss button! That is the THREE Ws! Will power, Wisdom and Work!)
Ok, I can tell you about them now, but it won’t help you unless I explain HOW TO FIND THEM, what they mean, HOW TO USE THEM, then check you’re doing it properly! Can you tell someone how to ride a bike on paper??
Sound, visualisation, knowledge, technique and practice are the FINGERS that press these mysterious buttons/chakras (btw Chakra means “Energy Centre”). But learning them the WRONG way is pointless. Learning them the CORRECT way is crucial. That is what I teach. How do I know I’m right? You’ll just have to TRUST me! And how do you know I’m wrong?? ; )
THIS IS THE NEW RELIGION (Dharma). I WILL TEACH YOU METHODS THAT THE ENTIRE PLANET WILL PRACTISE as a UNTIED SPIRITUAL FORCE in the Earth’s future. Islam, Hinduism and the rest will all become ONE FORCE under the teachings I can give you!
BUT be prepared to learn hard and fast, to practise with me until I tell you to stop, and to practise after the workshop until you get it right!
You WILL have to make NOTES, you WILL have to MAKE sounds! You will have to sit still sometimes, and you WILL have to be ready to listen...YOU cannot be self-conscious but you do have to be prepared to LEARN!
NOW – my places are...
Always Limited
The cost to regain your power in life will be just £22.50. Spend it on a meal, the weekly shopping or a shirt if you’d prefer. I will give you much much more though!
Payment only secures spaces. Space will be limited to 35 people only. I could easily have doubled that on the last workshop so make a decision as you read to the bottom, then choose in your mind, “yes” or “no”. If you say “I’ll think about it” in your head, you will not do it!
To book your place you must get an email or message to me to reserve YOUR spot. But please remember, places are given based on PAYMENT. I’d love to say “yes you can come don’t worry about it, pay whenever you want” to everyone, BUT this is the REAL WORLD and rooms have sizes which I cannot change, so there has to be a system which makes sure I DO NOT OVERBOOK.
So if you are coming you will know by the time you’ve read this. ACT!
“I find Neil's workshops and seminars amazing and inspiring. His outstanding knowledge and experience radiates within his teachings leaving me feeling extremely positive, powerful and able to take on life's many challenges. Through the expertise of Neil’s teaching it’s almost like I’ve been given the password to use some of life’s most important and simplest tools to live my life to its full potential.” S.Halai
Here are my details...
07956 60 88 99 / 0208 868 52 55
If you want to go ahead right now and book, here are the details:
Bank: Barclays
Account: Chi Kri Ltd
Number: 4024 8142
Sort Code: 20 73 53
Please notify me by email once a payment has been made please. I can then strike off a place.
Have a fantastic day!