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"Christ was a yogi"

Powerful evening of inspiration, meditation, and recitation.......

By Neil Patel
Two powerful guided meditation sessions!
A spiritual discussion on the links between Christ and yoga
“Spoken word” recitation of “The Key” (rap about “Christ as a yogi”)
Sunday 16th January 2011 / 6 – 9pm / Moor Park

10 of the key things you will learn

1.    How Christ spent years in India
2.    How Christ had a Hindu birth and yogic baptism
3.    That the three wise men were from India and who they were!
4.    That the “Holy Ghost” was the “Aum” spoken of in yoga
5.    That baptism in water symbolises a special yogic principle
6.    How the book of “Revelations” is a based directly on yogic teachings!
7.    Why “Christ” itself is a Sanskrit word
8.    Why Christ was a yoga master teaching meditation principles
9.    Why Christ’s real work was hidden from the public!
10What the real “blood of Christ” is!

You will be taken into two beautiful meditations!
“The meditation has allowed me to become even more focussed in all that I do, massively improved my concentration and most of all made me feel closer to God! Thank you Neil for all your sharing your knowledge and experiences, for your help and endless support” R. Shah

What will the discussion be on?
These days many people don’t WANT to follow a religion, why? - Because we live in a society where religions, cultures and creeds are mixed many people want to learn from ALL religions and...
form their OWN spiritual ideas;
...their instinct tells them there is something to learn from every Divine incarnation’s teachings e.g. Krishna, Mohammed, Christ, Buddha, Moses etc.
Is this wrong, or is THIS the way forward?
In my opinion you cannot stop migration or communication so you will not stop integration.
And if integration continues to it’s logical conclusion it must result in ONE RACE. That race will therefore have one spiritual path, and that will be the spiritual “common ground” of all our current religions. Therefore the job is finding those commonalities NOW, and to start building those bridges (instead of walls...may I add)
Is it possible that Christ and Yoga were united at a point in history?

My job will be to OPEN THE DOORS between two popular cultures – The Yoga world and the world of Christ. I do this because as a yoga teacher of 20 years I have developed equal reverence for Christ and Krishna (a proponent of yoga as well as a Hindu God). I have studied and learnt how the two cultures can be integrated.
“The fulfilment of religious integration on a global scale
will lead to peace on our Earth” = idealism.
The truth is this
World peace begins in YOUR heart right now.
Two things will make you integrate successfully with other cultures and religions - One is knowledge (and the subsequent wisdom), and the other is love.
My job in this workshop is to demonstrate the undeniable links between the religion that historically dominates the country we live in, and the practise of yoga which I and many others have taken on as our spiritual way of life to varying degrees.
The workshop will focus on the life of Jesus in India, his practise of yoga, and the relationship between the Bible and the Himalayan Scriptures (Vedas) in DEPTH.
“Neil has a wonderful way of communicating and explaining his teachings and techniques, which is very easy to grasp, understand and implement into daily life. I strongly recommend his work and am looking forward to further workshops and classes.” Nisha

Be part of a PEACEFUL FUTURE or be a piece of the past!

Lyric sheets, pads and pens all handed out!

Places are all booked in advance of the day by contacting Chi Kri Ltd. Please check availability first. Payments secure spaces. The cost for the workshop is £35 and can be paid directly into the Chi Kri Ltd account:
Barclays bank / Chi Kri Ltd / Number: 4024 8142 / Sort: 20 73 53
Please contact below with queries:
Neil Patel: 07956 60 88 99 / 020 88 68 52 55 / /
All places will genuinely be sold out, so please book early to avoid missing out!