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Chi Kri Meditation Workshop with Neil Patel
Total Inner Peace
and how to achieve it by
mastering the breath in meditation!
Sunday 28th November 2010 / 6pm – 9pm / Moor Park

Read this bit below calmly, its really important....

To achieve TOTAL INNER PEACE you have to let go of the external consciousness and enter the realm of the soul.
Your breath is the rope that ties you to impressions of the outside world and stops you from entering TOTAL INNER PEACE.
By systematically learning how to slow down and even stop the breath by carefully controlled and monitored Chi Kri Meditation techniques taught under the guidance of Neil Patel, you will consciously enter a state of TOTAL INNER PEACE.
With daily practise you also will see an increase in contentment, wisdom, inspiration, immunity and cellular healing power.
“Neil’s honest, effective and engaging method of explaining what may be considered quite abstract is impressive” A. Badri
The workshop is interactive and includes handouts, poetry readings, free pads/pens for notes in class, and a chance to ask questions. 
“I believe everyone should give Neil’s classes a try - I can promise you, you will not be disappointed" A. Patel
What type of person would benefit from this workshop?
Someone who wants to know their own soul
Someone who needs to regain mental control
Someone who has difficulty concentrating
Someone who wants to experience “breathlessness”
Someone who needs to find peace
Someone who has lost their grounding
Someone who wants to get closer to the experience of God
Someone who feels meditation should be a part of their life
Someone who needs simple methods of meditation
Someone who is desperate to achieve happiness in life
Someone who wants to heal themselves
Someone who wants positive changes
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Cost for the Total Inner Peace workshop is £35  

“I was amazed how powerful the Chi Kri Meditation techniques are” E. Entchev