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Join the founder of Chi Kri Meditation, Neil Patel, as he gives you the background, metaphysics, techniques and guidance into the Chi Kri Meditation system. You will have a chance to practise, ask questions and share your experiences of each technique with Neil. You will learn how meditation works firsthand from Neil who has been teaching yoga for 19 years and comes from a traditional yoga teaching lineage going back 35 years in the UK alone. For all those wishing to learn in a practical and scientific manner, this is the style for you.
Techniques briefly (15 mins each) recapped* and practised in the first hour will be:
The Balancing technique
How to use physical balancing postures and mental balancing together and understanding the relationship between balance, equilibrium, harmony, and peace
The Posture Meditation
The Perfect way to align the body for meditation in six easy steps and the ability to sub-consciously train the body to remain in the correct shape throughout a period of meditation
The Thought Observation Technique
How to obtain total mental stillness in meditation by changing the relationship that you have with your consciousness!
The Mind Programming Technique
Learning about the mind as a computer, this technique enables you to write and administer your own programs on a conscious, sub and super-conscious level
*The importance of recapping cannot be stressed enough. People have a habit of storing information without properly assimilating it. You absorb things by repetition, practise and concentration. Having a teacher there with you during a recap helps to resolve any difficulties you may have been facing on your own with a technique.
The NEW techniques EXPLAINED and PRACTISED will be
The Trinity breath
(To control the nervous system and relax the mind)
Manipulating the breath i.e. extending the respiration cycle and “breathing slower” has a direct and scientific effect on the consciousness and the nervous system.
With the CKM Trinity breath, the student’s mind and body becomes calmer, while the consciousness become markedly more controlled and focused. This is a foolproof method of inner calmness when combined with the earlier levels of CKM.
The breath is stretched slowly in three directions until the nervous system, thoughts, and emotions all become placid. As the thoughts, emotions, and nerves all settle down, a subsequent rise in the souls manifestation in the student takes place. This change in consciousness is discernable as overwhelming peace, the lowering of stress and blood pressure levels, and an underlying feeling of total contentment within. This method is powerful in that it is simple to learn, easy to practise anywhere and immediately effective.
the soul feeling technique
(To access the source of feeling)
All feelings exist absolutely independently of the outside world. In this technique, the student is taught to experience all positive feelings as states of the soul, as opposed to states of mind or states reliant upon external matter.
By a certain method of organised detachment, the student is taken to the source of all feeling – the soul. In yoga, there is no importance to be placed upon the material world in terms of actual power. The outside world is given as a place that stimulates the five senses. Without the senses we would not know of any changes in the outside world. However, in a state where one is unaware of the outside world, all feelings one can feel when in normal physical operation can still be felt by this practise.
The Square Breath
(To strengthen the lungs and elevate the consciousness)
Breath is the final frontier between the mind (composed of reason, emotion, desire, and finitude), and the soul (composed of wisdom, love, peace, and infinitude). It is a scientific fact of yoga that the soul cannot fully manifest its powers until the breath has been completely mastered and brought under control.
In this technique the muscles of the human lungs are worked in four different ways at an increasingly slower pace. Not only does this develop immense lung strength (aiding oxygenation and detoxification), but by virtue of the slow respiration rate, the nervous system, mind, and heart are deeply rejuvenated.
The breath cycle which is normally 16 times a minute, can be brought down to 2 or 3 times a minute during this easily learnt energy-controlling exercise. At one special point during the square breath, students can experience the first stage of overcoming the barrier which stops the mind merging into the almighty soul; from this experience, great confidence is gained for the higher stages of CKM.
This technique is so powerful that it can actually open the third eye (spiritual centre) in a human being when practised correctly, allowing access to the higher mind.
Booking details
The workshop on CKM with Neil Patel will last approximately four hours
Pens and pads will be supplied by Chi Kri, please feel free to bring your own if you wish
NO personal recording equipment will be allowed.
Maximum of 30 people allowed
Booking period will be from the 12th - 30th of September
The cost for the module will be £45. All payments must be made beforehand to ensure space.
All transactions directly into Chi Kri will be done through
Bank: Barclays / Name: Chi Kri Ltd / Sort Code: 20 73 53 / Acc # 4024 8142 (email notification should also be sent to me that you have paid including the name you have paid under)
If you need to write cheques, please request postal address from me or have them supplied to me in person
The venue in Northwood will remain private until payment is received.
If you have any further queries please contact me directly on 07956 60 88 99 / 0208 868 5255 / / BB pin: 2189A84C / or hit the CONTACT button on the site above
Bye for now! / Neil