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With respect to the cancer, I concluded that this was a disease of the mind, and heart. I thought cancer came to me because my soul needed an escape from the life I felt confined in. Realising that I needed to change myself inside-out very quickly, I set about re-writing my mind and heart's blueprint. I split my mind up into four levels and 31 separate compartments. I then organised the realisations I was receiving into these sections to complete this book, which is essentially the new design of my total being.

I figured that if I adhered to the lessons given directly to me in this book, my mind and heart would rebuild, and my soul would feel more at home in this body again, thereby providing me with my healing by the all-powerful nature of the soul. Of course, I did not get it all right, but I tried. Ultimately, I think I done enough to feel that my soul is happy with me again, and I have no sign of disease in my body - other than the dead tumour mass which cannot be removed from my thigh.