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I sent my soul calls - mental pleas for help to God, through prayer, meditation, and poetry. Far from being a waste of effort however, the mercy of the Great Spirit graciously reciprocated a response for me in the form that I, as a keen writer, could relate to best - spiritual inspirations penned through my own hand.

During the years of my rigorous attempts at diets and therapies to get well, I would fall asleep late at night, completely exhausted, but somehow be awakened by inspirational sentences that would appear to me like angels in my dreams. I would get up, and fumble to write them down whilst still half-asleep. Sometimes these helpful lines would enter my mind during prayer moments and meditations.

Often the sentences would be a little dusty, like an unpolished gem; in which case I would swiftly polish the pearl of wisdom with the cloth of contemplation and poetical balance. Ultimately, each gem would materialise itself by the ink of my pen onto the very paper of my salvation. It is these gems, these priceless golden threads of thought that sewed my life back together through this tortuous trial; and it is these thoughts, which collectively now form the contents of Mind Yoga.