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We experience glimpses of love, joy, and peace from some people, but a constant, guaranteed flow of a soul quality from any one person is a lot to ask for in life. Most people are too busy sorting themselves out; it is understandable that they cannot be there when you need them on every occasion.

What we would be wise to remember is that all the Godly characteristics which we tear ourselves apart searching for in other people, places, and things already lie in infinite amounts within our own being!

Is it not ironic that we can travel the whole world in search of love, happiness, and peace, but never stop to look within our own selves! - especially when we are intrinsically over abundant with all that we crave. How little faith do we have in ourselves? Most people do not realise how capable they are of experiencing happiness and peace within. Those who have actually realised this inner joy are loving, good to others, and sought out by those who are still searching for their souls.