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the nature of the soul
The soul is an individual extension of the Spirit, or God. By being in tune with the soul we get our first experience of what the nature of God is. There is nothing mystical, magical, or necessarily religious about finding God. The Spirit is simply the source of all joy, love, peace, and intelligence in the universe.
where is the soul?
We experience glimpses of love, joy, and peace from some people, but a constant, guaranteed flow of a soul quality from any one person is a lot to ask for in life. Most people are too busy sorting themselves out; it is understandable that they cannot be there when you need them on every occasion.
when do we need the soul?
As we journey through life, we encounter both pleasurable and painful experiences. When we are happy and content we rarely think of God or indeed the soul. However, it is usually during our most wrought tribulations, when our native insights and accumulated wisdoms are all but exhausted that we are more inclined to look towards a higher spiritual source for guidance, explanations, and answers. For many people that source of enlightenment is found within the soul.
the aim of mind yoga
If we focus our minds inwards in the hope of attaining some degree of spiritual guidance, we would be moving, in our own unique way, on the path to divine union, this practice is also known as Yoga. The word "yoga" literally means "union". Despite its popularity as a physical discipline, yoga is ultimately a scientific method of reuniting the disenchanted soul with the omnipresent, omniscient Spirit, or God.
turning inward for answers
At the stroke of the millennium, at 27 years of age, my left leg became diseased. I was soon diagnosed with cancer of the muscles, a rare and very aggressive type of cancer, which spreads rapidly throughout the body, in most cases killing within a 2-5 years. I chose to fight this disease with a special diet and with my mind's force - and without medication or surgery.
the spirit responds
I sent my soul calls - mental pleas for help to God, through prayer, meditation, and poetry. Far from being a waste of effort however, the mercy of the Great Spirit graciously reciprocated a response for me in the form that I, as a keen writer, could relate to best - spiritual inspirations penned through my own hand.
mind over matter
With respect to the cancer, I concluded that this was a disease of the mind, and heart. I thought cancer came to me because my soul needed an escape from the life I felt confined in. Realising that I needed to change myself inside-out very quickly, I set about re-writing my mind and heart's blueprint. I split my mind up into four levels and 31 separate compartments. I then organised the realisations I was receiving into these sections to complete this book, which is essentially the new design of my total being.
parting word
I hope that the same strength and enlightenment that I was fortunate enough to receive from God; you may also feel, as you contemplate the soul-saturated vibrations emanating from this book.