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"Aum" as it is pronounced, is the beginning and the end of sound. All sounds are a variation of the basic sound of “Aaa,” brought about by the placement of the tongue and the teeth. The complete closing of the mouth when producing the “Aaa” sound, results in the “Mmm” sound.

The “Aum” sound begins in the Muladhara Chakra at the base of the spine, and finishes at the Ajna Chakra, in between the eyebrows; thus travelling through all the Chakras (spinal energy centres) vitalising the entire system.


The spine is like a musical instrument with seven notes. The production of the “Aum” sound should reverberate the lower abdomen, abdomen, lower chest, lungs and heart, throat, nose, and finally the third eye.


  • The sound, the breath, and the visualisation should correspond to each other in this pranatation.

  1. Make sure you are sitting tall in your meditation posture, with your eyes closed. Keep your shoulders slightly pulled back, and your chin parallel to the floor.

  1. Inhale from the base of the spine, filling up the pelvic, abdominal, lower lung, chest, full lung, and shoulders with air, in one rolling breath. 



  1. Make a round shape with the mouth. Begin exhaling again from the base of the spine with the deepest sound of “Auuuu,” coming from the pelvis and abdomen.

  1. Slowly roll the sound up the spine to the navel region, actually visualising it travelling up the spine, or body. As the sound travels, change the tone to reverberate the part of the body you are exhaling from and visualising.

  1. As the lower body empties of breath, smoothly start to exhale from the lungs. The sound will change again; you will feel vibrations near the heart Chakra.


  1. When “Aum” reaches the throat, begin to close the mouth, and the sound will gently become more nasal.


  1. Finally, as the mouth closes, the sound travels past the nasal region, and on the sound of “Mmm,” the sound reaches it destination, the third eye, in between the eyebrows.


  1. This is to be repeated 10 times, each time reducing the volume of the “Aum,” until the sound becomes a whisper. After which, “Aum” is to be repeated mentally 10 times. Then from a whisper again, the sound is to be gradually increased in volume, so that by the tenth time, it is at its loudest volume again. This (10-10-10) is one practise of the pranatation.

This can be practised 2-3 times before, or as a, meditation.