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"Chakra" means wheel; in the current context it refers to one of seven wheels of energy located along the astral (energetic) spine and brain.

Each Chakra signifies different body parts, elements, character traits etc. Each wheel of energy is represented by a different colour. By working with that colour in this pranatation, the corresponding Chakra, along with its various aspects, can be stimulated into positive action.


This pranatation is personalised by the practitioner in accordance to his or her specific needs; because of this, it is excellent for any disease of the body, mind, or soul.


The Chakras:

1.   BROWN/RED = MULADHARA CHAKRA @ SPINAL BASE. QUALITIES: EARTH, SMELL, NOSE, MUSCLE, AND ELIMINATION. This Chakra represents survival, stability, grounding, steadfastness, financial issues, independence, materialism, and confrontation.

2.  ORANGE/OCHRE = SVADHISTHANA CHAKRA @ LUMBER BACK. QUALITIES: WATER, TASTE, TONGUE, FAT, AND REPRODUCTION. This Chakra represents family, relationships, humanity, fluidity, and creativity.

3. YELLOW = MANIPURA CHAKRA @ NAVEL. QUALITIES: FIRE, SIGHT, EYES, BLOOD, AND DIGESTION/ASSIMILATION. This Chakra represents worldly power, dominance, control, energy, recognition, confidence, warmth, courage, and will power.

4.  GREEN = ANAHATA CHAKRA @ HEART. QUALITIES: AIR, TOUCH, SKIN/HANDS, PLASMA, AND CIRCULATION. This Chakra represents compassion, love, understanding, generosity, nurturing, mercy, tenderness, selfless service, spiritual devotion, and charity.

5.  DARK/LIGHT BLUE = VISSHUDDHA CHAKRA @ THROAT. QUALITIES: ETHER, SOUND, EARS, SPEECH, AND BODYPOWER/DIAPHRAM MOVEMENT. This Chakra represents communication, subtle intuition, expression, and calmness.

6. PINK/PURPLE/VIOLET/INDIGO = AJNA CHAKRA @ THRID EYE/MEDULLA OBLONGATA. QUALITIES: THE SOUL, AUM VIBRATION, ASTRAL ENERGY, AND SPACE. Represents thought, inspiration, concentration, meditation, spiritual energy, clairvoyance, philosophy, intelligence, knowledge, and deep intuition.

7. WHITE/GOLD = SAHASRARA CHAKRA @ THE CROWN. QUALITIES: THE SPIRIT, AUM VIBRATION, SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSENSS, AND OMNNIPRESENCE. This Chakra represents enlightenment, liberation, bliss, joy, spirituality, peace, wisdom, eternal truth, purity, and God.


1.   Firstly, the practitioner must select a colour from the Chakras. The colour must be selected carefully, and be in accordance with the practitioners needs. A colour may be selected to balance, sedate, or stimulate the individual; or to add emphasis, or energy to certain areas of life that need developing.

2.   After you have selected the colour representing the Chakra you wish to stimulate within your system, take your meditation posture. Keep your spine straight; your chin parallel to the floor, your eyes closed, and your hands in Jnana Mudra.

3.   For 10 deep breaths, mentally follow the air into the lungs or abdomen. Feel its journey through the nostrils, down the windpipe, and into the body, pay particular attention to the temperature and the force of the air. With equal attention, observe the nature and path of the exhalation.

4.   For the next 10 deep breaths, observe the breath in the same manner, watching in enter, travel, swirl around in the lungs or abdomen, then depart; except this time, colour the breath in the colour you have chosen. So, you are mentally following coloured air, but energetically, you are also drawing in the required energy i.e. if you choose blue, visualise all the air you inhale and exhale with, as being blue.

5.   For the next 10 deep breaths, mentally direct the coloured breath to its appropriate position along the spine and brain. This can be found out by relating the colour to the Chakra, and then to its location i.e. direct blue breath to the blue Visshuddha Chakra at the throat; or direct white breath to the Sahasrara Chakra at the top of the head. Breathe and direct the air, using your imagination, into its respective wheel of energy, and feel the energy at that centre expanding i.e. you will see more blue light at the throat centre as the blue air begins to accumulate there.

6.   When you have complete all thirty breaths, relax in meditation for a short while, allowing the breath to settle before opening your eyes.

This can be done at any time during the day, once you have mastered the technique. If you are stressed, you can breathe in blue air to the throat Chakra, and calm the system down. Or, if you are tired, you can breathe in yellow air to the Manipura Chakra at the navel a few times, and directly energise the power centre.