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To know the soul is to know your resources. The soul is like another person who follows you around faithfully with all you need, just waiting to serve you. You could never be alone, no matter how hard you try! Running from the soul, and looking for complete, permanent happiness at the same time; is like running from your own shadow and trying to remain in the sun at the same time, it cannot be done! The inner-life is as reliable as material life is unreliable! 

When you develop a relationship with the soul, you begin to fill your life-gaps with your inherent soul qualities, rather than expecting others to intuitively know what you need, and be able give it to you, when you need it. These expectations are the dirge of most relationships. Within you lays the relationship that truly satisfies. In a spiritual sense,
you are what you have always been looking for. You are that special person. Once you discover that, you will also begin to discover your purpose in life. You, as the soul, are the uncontaminated waters of thought, flowing with crystal clarity.Within you lies all that you are looking for, without needing to look outside for anything. Everything that you are currently demanding from all your external relationships lies untapped in abundance within your own soul. The quality of the relationship you have with your soul, defines the quality of all external relationships. By claiming from within you, that which is rightfully yours, you will be more satisfied and less needy of people. Though you may require people, you neither own, nor have any right to expect anything form any other person. However, you have a universal license to draw from your greatest resource, your soul. The vast kingdom of the soul is yours, conquer its subtle defences, and thereafter all internal and external relationships will improve

How you treat others is how you treat your soul i.e. if you are merciful to yourself, you will exude compassion. How to know others, is to first know yourself, or your soul. If you know who you are, and how you came to be the way you are, you will understand others quickly. Without a name, fame, fortune, families, or friends, we are equal, and indivisible. Potentially, none of us are greater or worse than any another. The soul is like a bank account that never dries! Some know this and spend and give soul qualities like love, peace, wisdom, and compassion freely, others think they will eventually dry up and spend carefully, and others are not aware of their potential, and live in a state or fear. The difference between people often comes from the outside environment i.e. how externalities have affected and blocked the internal path to your soul i.e. if you have an unsuccessful relationship, you block your heart off to stop hurting, but end up cutting off your souls connection too.

External relationships like parents, partners, and friends are there to support you in developing your internal relationship. We associate to develop, but sometimes association is used to replace development, rather than aid it. We begin to rely on a quality we find in another, rather than develop, and find that latent quality within us. Other people’s qualities are there to be received, but also nurtured within you. If you always turn to one person for support, where will you turn when you are alone? You will be forced inward, so it is better to develop the soul while you have the freedom of choice.

The soul can be said to be composed of ten essential qualities:

  1. Soul appreciation: Often in life, we miss being appreciated by our loved ones, or even friends and colleagues. We often do not appreciate ourselves, even when others do. The soul will remedy this by reminding you of all the positive achievements in your life so far, even things that you may have forgotten, or overlooked.

  1. Soul guidance: When you are looking for direction, and you have taken everyone’s opinion, and read every book, website, and magazine that could possibly help you; and you have even spoken to professional guides and teachers, the soul provides a voice that knows the next step for you. Ungoverned, this is a hunch; regulated, this is intuitive guidance.

  1. Soul discipline: Other people telling you to be more disciplined rarely helps, especially when they are right! Enforced discipline causes suppression, guilt, and resentment; however, the soul can bring you back on the disciplined track by explaining the benefits of discipline to you in a gentle manner, and not with force.

  1. Soul support: Many times in life, all we need to succeed is a little extra support, a pat on the back, or a kind word or two. This is often enough to spur us on; of course, many times we are left wanting. The soul can be relied on continuously, to encourage, support, and motivate you in all your positive endeavours.

  1. Soul wisdom: The soul is naturally wise. While knowledge can be interpreted in many different ways, intuition, which is soul-wisdom, is eternal and not subject to human bias and misinterpretation. Thus, the soul is there to answer your questions with undisturbed truth, and to help you analyse your thoughts and actions.

  1. Soul understanding: Sometimes we merely require someone to listen to us, to hear our woes, to empathise and understand us; if we do not find someone, it can result in the unhealthy bottling up of emotions. The soul provides a non-judgemental sympathetic response system aimed at relating to the situation at hand. This understanding also gives you mercy, which is a chance to redeem yourself, to learn from your mistakes, and the mistakes of others.

  1. Soul happiness: Our happiness and contentment is mostly superficially linked to another person or pleasure. Thus, any unavailability or disturbance in that pleasure or person promptly removes our happiness. The soul is the only reliable source of contentment and happiness attainable by all, regardless of externalities.

  1. Soul peace: Most people are always craving for some peace and relaxation; some time to unwind by themselves, without the usual distractions. The soul provides a zone of tranquillity, where you may relax and forget your problems for as long as you wish.

  1. Soul love: The warmth we require from loving relationships is not always dependable. Love may be given out with warmth, but it may not be reciprocated with the same feeling. Because the idea of love varies from person to person, the soul provides you with the idea, notion, or feeling, of love that you believe in, whether that is warmth, softness, sympathy, or joy. Once you have developed this love within you, you are better able to extend it to others.

  1. Soul strength: We seek motivation, purpose, and a definite goal in life, and we seek the will power to make the necessary efforts to overcome obstacles and achieve that goal. We cannot rely simply on pride, greed, and external commitments to push us further; what’s more, people are not always around to motivate you. The soul’s encouragement and immense will power is a permanent source of strength for any positive ambition you may be entertaining.

    • These qualities of the soul lay largely untapped yet are ever accessible and in never-ending supply in all people; they are permanently on-call and eternally yours. Some people may have love developed in their soul in abundance, and are able to distribute it without fear of it not being reciprocated, because they know the soul will provide love at any given time. However, someone with ample love may not have strength and will power in such vast commodities. This is where external relationships appear to fill a gap. Nevertheless, it is the aim of all people to develop within themselves all of the above qualities, not just one or two, for their own betterment.

    • The way to access the soul is by learning to temporarily shut off the mind and the senses, which are naturally restless and active. This is done by practising methods that relax the mind, primarily by concentrating it within, on the breath, rather than on the signals of the five sense organs. The art of withdrawing concentration from the senses, and letting it dwell within, the abode of the soul, leads to the development of a relationship with the soul.


  1. You may ether lie down or sit straight in a meditation posture to practise this technique; your eyes must be closed and the area around you must be silent with no distractions.

  1. Visualise a colour that you would feel completely happy and comfortable being surrounded by.

  1. Visualise this colour all around you; covering everything above, below, and to the side of you. Covering the people, the sky, the sun, the grass; everything.

  1. Now become aware of your third eye, the point in the centre of your forehead, just in-between your eyebrows. Visualise the colour around you being drawn, or flooding into the centre of your forehead, your third eye.

  1. Now visualise the colour pouring down your spine, like a slow waterfall.

  1. When it reaches the base of your spine, let it disperse and wash through your entire body. Visualise the colour in your feet, legs, knees, stomach, chest, back, fingers, arms, head, under all your nails, your palms, teeth, hair; everywhere.

  1. See this colour glowing within you, illuminating your entire inner-body. Feel the energy and life of this colour, See this colour written across your mind; hear the name of this colour being spoken in your inner ear. Be that colour, breathe that colour.

  1. After a short while start to draw the colour from your feet, back up your legs, and slowly up your spine, back toward your third eye.

  1. This is where you must keep the colour. First let it form into a circle and place it directly in the centre of your forehead. Now decide on a shape, something you find visually able to concentrate on. Fill the shape with the colour and place it on the third eye point e.g. a blue triangle.

  1. Allow the shape to rotate on its centre point at a slow to medium pace; however, your shape remains at the third eye spot. Now watch it throwing off a gentle mist of white light, tinted with your chosen colour, back into the body.

  1. The light is much finer, almost transparent in quality, as it rains down your body. Watch it trickle down your spine and create a soft mist within the body.

  1. As you feel this light, the soul will awaken, giving you the first indication of its presence; which is peace and calmness. You will enjoy a happy contented feeling, smiling inwardly with stillness.

  1. Keeping your focus softly at the third eye, see the symbol you have created very still now. Remaining relaxed and calm, feel the store of your energy here. You may feel a tingling sensation at the third eye; this is just energy rising up in the spine to your higher centres. Without tensing, or being critical, or over analytical, and being confident and mentally focused, you may begin to relate to you soul. Here you can seek the qualities that you are looking for. See the soul as a deeper part of you, and communicate with it about something you are seeking; be it guidance, peace, appreciation, or strength; absolutely anything you require a positive response for, you will get; what you need will come.

If you find impatience taking control, focus on the slow moving breath in the abdomen for 10-12 breaths and simply enjoy the absolute stillness of this moment. In your internal dialogue try to differentiate between the inquiring self, often plagued with doubt, mockery, and restlessness, and the voice of the soul, which is calm, assured, and soft. With practise, the inner voice will become stronger, its responses will become quicker, and its resources will become more instantly available to you.

The shape that you have chosen may be used any time to represent your soul, like a symbol of the soul. Placing it on the third eye spot and meditating on the soul can be your direct link inward. Next time you need some understanding, strength, or love, test your link out, listen to the soul, and see what happens. In stillness, and in time, you will realise just how much you have to receive, and just how much you have to give.