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The word Chi means life force or spiritual energy.

The word Kri means action.


  1. Sit in a comfortable meditation posture and relax the breath and mind for a few moments.

  2. Start to become aware of the breath flowing through you nostrils into your lungs and abdomen.

  3. Without constricting or making any effort to deepen your breath, just watch your normal breathing pattern.

  4. On your inhalation, say the word “Chi” in your mind; and on your exhalation, say the word “Kri.”

  5. When you say “Chi,” visualise energy entering your heart and lungs via your breath. When you say “Kri,” visualise that energy dispersing from your heart and lungs into the entire body via the bloodstream.

  6. After some time, your natural breathing pattern would have slowed down somewhat. The breath you will be taking in will be minimal, and there may well be long pauses in-between the in and the out breaths and the actual time between breaths. At this point Chi will still be entering the body, but not through the medium of the breath, but through the medulla oblongata at the top of the spine and base of the skull.

  7. Allow your breath to follow its natural course and remain as you are for as long as you can. When you complete your pranatation, you will feel energised and at the same time calm and relaxed.