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This advanced pose first requires the practitioner to be able to lock the legs in Padmasana (Lotus pose). Lotus pose itself is great for mediation and unlocking the power of the spiritual energy in the body, but in this pose it serves a different purpose.

The legs, locked in Lotus, are lifted off the ground using two areas; the arms (which serve as the frame of the swing) are strengthened at the shoulder and all the way down to the wrist movement, and the abdomen which lifts the folded legs (which serves as the set of the swing) up of the floor.

It is logical even by looking at the picture that it must be the abdomen which is doing the work…and it becomes a stark reality when you try the pose! When you become adept at this pose, you can actually swing the legs back and forth like a swing. And even hold the upswing and backswing to add a dramatic effect on the working of the abdomen.