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A great pose for the entire spine especially the lower-middle, and upper-lower back areas. As the student opens up into this pose, they realise the height of the wheel depends on three things: Firstly, the ability to lift the hips high, using the aforementioned back areas, secondly, the strength in the shoulders, chest, triceps, forearms, and hands, and thirdly, the supporting power of the thighs (and less so the calves).

The student will feel liberation in this pose, a freedom gained by stretching the entire front face of the body. Circulation to the upper body is another benefit here. Very good for the heart as it is aided in its efforts to pump blood back up from the digestive and lower body areas, by gravity. And also, blood does not have to pump up to the head, because gravity takes care of that too.

Thus the senses are refreshed in this pose, the eyes and ears etc, and it is good for bringing fresh blood and nutrients to the scalp and brain.