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Here, the body is balanced on the reversed hands. There is a lot of work on the wrist when the hands are turned in this manner. There are variations where the hands are pointing forward, but they are not necessarily any easier to do!

There is a certain amount of flexibility that is needed in the arms to able to bend then back in this pose so that the elbows can sit right in the middle of the lower abdomen, near the upper and inner side of the hip bones. Once the body is held there, the legs are raised.

This affects the lower abdomen as it is forced to carry the weight of the legs. The lower back is empowered by extending the legs upwards, without bending the knees too much (if at all). The upper body should remain as parallel to the ground as possible (thus opening up the back) with the eyes pointing straight or upwards. Strength, stamina, and suppleness are all develop in this classic pose.