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Fear is self-abuse.

Truth invokes fear.

The only fear is growth.

Live in faith, not in fear!

Fear only fearing fearlessness.

Facts are there to destroy fears.

Never make choices based on fear.

Is the sun ever scared to dispel the night?

To give is to be fearless. To receive is to be blessed!

Face your fears, and your fears will not be able to face you.

Fear is something you don't fully understand how to conquer.

Where would you fall if you did not do what you do to pick yourself up?

You have to get over the things you fear to achieve the things you desire.

The fearless do not possess an unruly power, or an imposing, intimidating, and shallow form of authority like fury or anger, which simply aims to bring out the fear in others. The fearless have the courage to examine their prejudices, the power to change their attitudes, and the bravery to uphold their beliefs in the battlefield of life.