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Learn to accept more than you expect.

Welcome the best, but expect the worst!

Those who expect sympathy, rarely give it.

Expect nothing, for nothing in life is certain.

Earn respect but do not expect to be paid on time!

Disappointment is but a casualty of expectation.

If you cannot live with yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?

Make decisions based on what you have, not on what you expect to have.

If you do not believe in your own worth, how can you expect anyone else to?

Do not expect the situation to move around you, have the power to move around it.

You cannot expect to be satisfied with your situation, until you are truly satisfied with yourself.

Stress is the unfulfilled expectation that life should be without stress.

Peace is accepting that life and stress are rarely apart!

Do not expect others to remove your pressure. Only you can put pressure on yourself, and only you can take it off!

If you choose not to satisfy all the expectations placed upon you by others, can you really expect others to satisfy all your expectations?