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fuel, maintenance, and medicine
"......When I talk about diet here, I am talking about three things, fuel, maintenance, and medicine. This is part of the problem with our attitude towards food. We see food as a pastime, a pleasure, and a social indulgence....but in reality, eating is a practical function, that when abused is most harmful..."
eating tips
Try to stick to these as much as possible. They are recommendations, not rules.
"...Here I will give a very brief summary of the sister science to yoga...Ayurveda
"Ayurveda" means the science of life (Ayu = life / Veda = knowledge). Its origins can be traced back over five thousand years to the Atharva Veda whose main patron was a God called Dhanvantari. (Atharva Veda is one of four scriptures collectively known as the Vedas which are the sacred "books" of wisdom and knowledge originating around ancient India and the Himalaya regions)..."
asana and ayurveda
Here you will find reccommended asanas for people with vata, pitta, and kapha constitutions.
mind over food
An example of this section....."Love is the most healing ingredient in food. As long as you love what you eat, and wholeheartedly believe it is good for you, it will be good for you. Fear is the most poisonous ingredient in food. If there is anything in your food you fear is not good for you, it will be bad for you / It is better to eat food without worry, if that makes you happy, than eating food, which you think is healthier, but do not want to eat, and makes you miserable.."
dietary regime tips
For people trying to lose weight, or gain weight, or for people who feel there is too much heat (pitta) in their systems.