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eat your last meal three hours before you sleep.

You should really go to bed in a state where you are neither hungry nor full. When you go to sleep at night on a full stomach you are contradicting your body’s states. First you are asking your body to rest its energy and recuperate, and then you are asking it to perform the task of digesting and assimilating food. How can it do both? Normally one or the other will be compromised. Either your will spend the entire night digesting food (at a slower rate), thus keeping you half awake (or in dream sleep). Or you will go into deep sleep and the food will sit there and ferment over night, turning into either fat or toxins by morning.

Sometimes you wake up feeling tired, which is normally when you have slept on a full stomach i.e. your body has not really rested. The best idea is to eat your main evening meal at least 3 hours before you sleep. Have a snack a while before bed if you wish, but nothing too heavy like chocolate, cheese, bread, or rice.