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eat according to appetite, not meal times.

Sometimes people can get into unnecessary routines with food. The body is an intuitive and intelligent machine. It knows when it is hungry, and it will tell you. Its sounds simplistic to point this out, but people eat for two reasons, one is genuine and one is not. The genuine reason is when the stomach is empty, rumbling, or you are tired and requiring food for energy. This is a natural appetite. The false reason is desire, greed, and timing. Desire and greed is simple to understand: desire is not being hungry but seeing something you like and eating it and greed is overeating.

But timing is also essential (sometimes a bad thing.) This is when, for example, it is 7pm, dinner time, and you are not hungry in the slightest but because everyone is eating, you eat. But the body has given you no indication for food, it doesn’t ask for food because it is busy digesting the last meal, or is having trouble breaking something down so it wants to be left alone to get on with digestion. It could be busy in the small intestine, then suddenly a bunch of heavy food goes into the stomach and the energy has to go up to the stomach and work there, whilst leaving food undigested in the small intestine….this kind of eating results in toxins and food deposits, and even fat.

It is eating by habit and time, not appetite. It is good to have some regulation in times, but not to be inflexible…