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always eat a little less, rather than a little more. your body will thank you.

Apparently, this can prevent all manner of disease. Just giving your body that room and air to digest in is so vital, you would not believe. Think of your stomach like a washing machine load. When you fill a load in a machine you never think of cramming it in, why not? Because as the machine turns and moves, it needs space for the water, soaps, detergents, and materials to move around in, otherwise, nothing will really get done effectively.

Your stomach turns and move, shifts and palpitates as well. It also has acids (metaphored with the powders in the machine) that are out to get a job done. And the stomach also has liquids from the foods (and reserves liquids and mucous) that it uses to soften up the materials inside it.

Now imagine the stomach as no room to operate. The food churns around in there, but hardly gets broken down. More acid is produced to counter the lack of space, and more energy is taken from all over the body to move the load around. What is the effect? I’ll tell you, tiredness and acid indigestion.

Once in a while, go ahead, stuff your face, we all do it, but during the main part of your eating week, eat with empathy for how your system works. Even if that means you have to eat more frequently, but less, your body will respect you for it.