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avoid too much talking during meals if possible.

The best ingredient you can add to any meal is peace. Peace relaxes the nerves and allows the process of digestion and assimilation to be performed without restraint. Stress causes the wholes system to be put on edge – hampering food breakdown and absorption.

People roundly agree that politics and religion should never be discussed at dinner. Why is that? Because these are subjects people always argue / passionately discuss. There is nothing wrong with arguing in a friendly manner, but sometimes that discussion will upset, anger, or distress one of the participants. And in the context of what I am saying, will disturb the process of the meals’ nutrification of the body.

If there must be talking at mealtime, it should be lighthearted, humouress even, but nothing heavy. Mealtimes are not family meeting times where problems are thrashed out and children are left upset and not happy to eat. Imagine being told off, then told to eat happily! Doesn’t quite work in practice, but its amazing how many parents do this to their children. The body of someone upset will 99% of the time not want food inside it. That is natural and it is actually better to wait until your mood has improved before you eat again.

Ideally, meals should be eaten with little conversation, with thought about the food being eaten, and with peace in the mind and body. Sometimes eating watching television or listening to music is better than talking because at least you are doing something agreeable and pleasurable. As long as what you hear and listen to does not completely make you forget the meal, or rush the meal, or doesn’t disturb your nervous system unnecessarily.