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when drinking fresh veg/fruit juice - sip and taste before swallowing. Never gulp juices.

As mentioned before, there are two reasons for keeping nutritious things like good food in your mouth longer chewing. One is that while the food, and this includes fresh juices, is in the mouth, the stomach prepares the correct acids and environment for digestion. The stomach and body will adjust to hot, cold, protein, sweet, bitter and all types of food. As soon as you taste a food or drink the stomach and digestive system gets a signal via the nervous system and the process of preparation begins. So if you gulp the juice down, the body doesn’t have the time to prepare.

The other reason is sublingual digestion. There is a vast amount of nutrition that can be digested into the system via the base of the tongue / mouth. So the longer a fresh juice is kept in the mouth, the more absorption is done. Some people recommend swirling the juice around the mouth before swallowing it for maximum absorption. If you remember, after pressing a fresh juice, at least take a while with the first sip (to allow time for the body to recognize the meal, and prepare the correct environment for digesting that specific item)…and then take time to drink the rest…it will digest better and you will get the maximum nourishment out of it.