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make sure that you eat through need and not comfort

Comfort eating is a very interesting phenomenon. Comfort is love. So why do people turn to food for love? And what foods do they choose? In Ayurveda, the name for sweet foods is “Mudhur” – which when translated means love. So, when someone turns to sugary, carbohydrate, or dairy foods they are also turning to love (all these food groups are considered sweet in Ayurveda).  

Sweet foods have the property of grounding (sugary, heavy, fatty, and carbohydrate rich foods are all considered sweet according to Ayurveda’s six taste categories: sweet, salty, hot, astringent, bitter, and sour). This means that eating something sweet earths you because it is heavy. Therefore it is the most desired taste when someone is feeling over-emotional, flighty, and even depressed (i.e. the mind is playing up). Sweet foods slow the mind from racing for a while and give the emotions “Madhur” – or love. Other foods like chilies (hot), oranges (sour), Green vegetable (bitter) don’t have the same ability to comfort like foods from the sweet taste category.

Because relationships are difficult from time to time, love is not always easy to obtain, so food of this nature becomes a substitute. That is the comfort aspect. Unfortunately, the constant eating of sweet foods for comfort leads to many of the problems we are now accustomed to in the west – diabetes, heart disease, obesity etc.

If you find you are in the habit of eating when you are not hungry, and that you are eating because you are unhappy, eventually that habit will end up making you unhappier through the change in your body’s shape and ability to handle itself i.e. you could become overweight and ill. This would be as a result of putting food in your body when it was not prepared to digest it, resulting in the fermentation of food creating toxins and excess storage in the arteries, colon, other organs and areas of the body.