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never become fearful of food.

A lot is said about diet these days, and much of it is true. But it is wise to remember that food, although vital, is not the be all and end all of life, happiness, or health. It is generally unwise to become fanatical, addicted, or rigid about anything – and food is no different. Yes, organic foods are certainly better for you, but don’t be scared of non-organic food – eat it as well. Yes, for some people raw food (fruit and vegetables uncooked) is highly nourishing and cleansing, but cooked food will not kill you once in a while. And yes, vegansism is fine, but eating outside of that occasionally is not going to harm you.

Whilst strict diet are sometimes necessary for periods of time, a life style of strictness over diet will lead one to fear foods outside of the diet. That leads to more stress, restlessness, possessiveness, anger, fear, and other unwholesome mental traits. It is better to be a little relaxed with diet. People can create such fears of food, that even if the food is not so bad for them, the fear alone will kill them.