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eat after thanking the cook/provider of your meal and/or God.

In many ways food is love. How does a mother grow her new born baby? With food from her own body. If food is not love, it is certainly a great medium of love. One way of creating the right atmosphere (i.e. relaxed) and the right vibration (loving and positive) for the food – and where it is consumed is to show gratitude to the source of the food. These sources are two-fold. The first, of course, is Mother Nature, God, or the universe – whatever you perceive the creator of food to be. And the second is the chef.

Even though we don’t always do it, we should say at very least a quick thank you to the provider of your food. No adult is obliged to give you food, they do it through the fact they care, and nobody likes to care for someone and not have that act acknowledged. That can destroy the atmosphere and the food’s vibration instantly.

Also, it is harmonizing to say a prayer to the higher source before eating. I wrote this prayer, and I only ever say the first few lines before eating, but I say it even before I put a single crisp in my mouth, it calms me down and reminds me to be grateful. You can write your own line of thanks, and just repeat it mentally before you eat.



Beloved God,

Please give me the strength and nourishment I need,

Through this food,

In order that I may give strength and nourishment,

Back to others,

For what purpose do I have in eating this food?

Other than to feed my body,

To make me strong enough,

To strengthen the minds, hearts, and souls of others,

Otherwise, my food is just another desire,

Another craving, and another passion,

Which, may spiral out of control,

And make me greedy and ill,

No, beloved God,

Let my food be my medicine and my strength,

Let me choose the food my body and mind needs,

And consume it in the amounts my body and mind requires,

Not the exaggerated portions it wants,

Let me prepare the food myself,

With love and attention,

And let me eat this food in peace.

I offer this meal to the temple of my body,

That it may make me mighty and wise,

Wise enough to protect the innocent, and educate the seeking,

And mighty enough to stand by the weary, and support the weak,

May this food, my beloved God,

Be fuel for the fire,

of service to Humankind,

And service to Thee,

OM, Peace, Amen.