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cook your food with / eat food prepared with – care, interest, and love

In yoga and Ayurveda it is understood that everything in the universe is working at a subtle intelligent vibratory level. That is to say beyond each atom (whether it be in humans or plants – “alive” or dead), there is energy. Even when something is dying, it is still imbued with the energy to make it decay. At its most subtle form, energy is being transmitted through our hearts and minds constantly. Energy interacts and affects other energies. We know how that works with humans, when we can feel comfortable or uncomfortable with someone immediately with no real information on them. It’s an instinct, we are responding to their vibration.

Now, if you stay around someone with a bad vibration long enough it will affect you. But did you know vibration is also passed through foods? As someone stands over food making it, whatever they are feeling is sent out through their vibratory field and passes through the food. So, if they are thinking of how much they love you (hopefully!) the food will be drenched in love, and you will consume good vibrations, happy food, which will nourish you at every level. Now, imagine the opposite. The food is cooked with anger towards you, or bitterness, and you consume that food… it will still carry its physical nourishment, but also an unpleasant vibe.

It is recommended where possible to cook your own food, or know who is cooking your meal. When you make your own meal, again it is important to care about what you do, you can end up eating up own stress and anger all over again! In India, they go to the next level in certain places and actually chant spiritual mantras and sing religious songs whilst preparing foods to make sure it is filled with the optimum cellular positivity.

You have to ask yourself, with all the money and resources in the west, why is it that illness is still so rife? Maybe it is because people eat so much food which is pre-prepared, packed, and stuffed on shelves and cooked by others in restaurants and takeaways? What kind of vibe are we eating? We have no idea…