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eat only as much as you need to satisfy your appetite.

See your body like a fire and your fuel like the wood being placed on that fire. If you put too much wood on the fire at any one time, what would happen? The fire struggles, loses power and energy, and barely survives. It becomes overwhelmed, it needs oxygen as well as fuel to survive, which is when you end up having to fan the fire. When you over (fuel) a fire, the fire may peter out, or at least, it will be struggling for some time to burn into the excess wood, and “digest” it.

Digestive fire works the same way. In Yoga and Ayurveda it is called “Agni”. When your agni is strong it can digest a lot of food properly, but if this internal fire is weak, then even a small amount of food will not digest well it will cause tiredness, mental lethargy, and the undigested food will turn toxic and imbalance the system. But if you put just enough food in, that the fire is made stronger, thus energizing you, too much and the food won’t digest and will cause you trouble.

They say that when you eat you should leave one quarter of the stomach empty for the air that will help the fire to digest the food. In Ayurveda they also say that your body tells you it has had enough food when you burp for the first time in a meal. At that point one has eaten enough.