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Treatment of disease exists for the soul, mind, and body. Meditation is for the soul, mind control for the consciousness, and diet, activity, purification, and palliation for the body. Accumulated doshas are treated with diet and activity. When doshas are aggravated they are treated with opposites. If doshas leave their reservoir, they should be removed or neutralized with medicine. Diet is often the cause of disease so is often the most important treatment in Ayurveda. When digestive toxins are present in the system a short fast is often recommended before purification. Then the doshas are excreted through five means – Panchakarma. Emesis (Vomiting), purgation, enema, nasal medication, and bloodletting. Emesis is used to remove Kapha from chest and stomach. Enema is used for Vata to help bring it downwards. Purgation and blood letting are for Pitta, because it accumulates in the digestive tract and in the blood with its heat. Emesis is used for Pitta if it is going upward causing heartburn etc. Palliation is when medicine is digested to digest toxin and increase fire, appropriate food and drink is given, and exercise, sunbathing, and fresh air are recommended.


Medications are prepared from various sources in pills, powders, jams, wines, milks, ghees, and oils. Each dosha requires a specific strategy; Vata requires heat and oil to counteract its cold dry nature. Salt works well because it is heating and laxative. Massage with oil is good for Vata. Pitta needs cooling. Bitter and sweet taste does this best. Sandalwood rose, and lotus help, as do pearl, cool showers, white clothes, and meditation. Pitta requires an absorbing outlet like art etc - as well as cooling raw food. Kapha requires exercise and action to destroy its lethargic nature. Pungent, fiery food works well to break down mucus as do bitter foods. All things should be hot and stimulating for Kapha – nights without sleep, sexual intercourse, wrestling, and running, anything to cause sweat. Fasting, smoking, and hot baths all decrease Kapha.

Treatment consists of remedy, vehicle, and diet. The vehicle helps the remedy by aiding digestion and absorption. Hot water is good, but ghee, honey, oil, jams, and wines are used. Some medicines are combined for effect. Kapha works well with powdered medications, Pitta with ghees, and Vata with oils. Minerals need to be burnt to ashes with herbs in order to be humanized. The more times they are burnt, the more potent they become. After purification and palliation, Rasayanas are given which rejuvenate and tonify the body. There are also vitalization techniques in Ayurveda, which aid in fertility.