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Chi Kri poetry is spiritual poetry. What is spiritual poetry? Spiritual poetry is the art of words, used to express the sentiments of the soul; it is also one of the greatest saviours of Humankind. Many spiritual scriptures, like the Bhagavad-Gita, are written in poetical form. The greatest poem known to Indian culture is perhaps the Ramayana, a spiritual epic written by Valmiki. The Christian bible, the Qu'ran, and the works of great spiritual writers like Tagore, Kabir, and Tulsidas are also decorated with poetry. But why did the Gods and the great souls decide to communicate through poetry. The answer is this: poetry beautifies the truth that is hidden in all hearts and religions. Poetry has melody, rhythm, and tempo, as well as subtle nuances and accents. So, just as singing uses the voice to express the music of the heart, spiritual poetry uses words, to express the music of the soul. Spiritual poetry is nothing less than the language of Spirit.

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The body is a machine, the mind is a businessperson, the heart is a lover, but the soul is a poet, one who exists to inspire, enlighten, and uplift. The voice of anger shouts and screams; the voice of distress cries and moans. The happy voice smiles and laughs, but the voice of inspiration talks in verse. Spiritual poetry does not come from intelligence, creativity, or even pure emotion. The source of spiritual poetry is intuitive insight, or self-realisation.

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See Neil recite "The Same Flower" poem at Hip Hop Yoga

Chi Kri poetry is written from the soul, with very little indulgence in flowery language and sensual observation. It is about spiritual feeling and understanding. Chi Kri poetry is not a human art written to impress other humans; it is a natural expansion of the soul's need to express itself. These are eternal sentiments, flashes of light experienced by all souls at some point in their existence. The aim of these poems is to share and connect with people from all walks of life in an invisible spiritual network of inspiration!

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