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Interestingly, "Chi Kri" began it's life as a rap crew as well as a philosophy, with original band members like Sunny B and DJ Shan. Music was always at the core of Chi Kri - and it remains true to this day with the popular "Hip Hop Yoga" trend.

Originally known as "The Chi Kri Sect", the rap group disbanded in 1999 and was later reformed in 2003 as "Chi Kri Beats" (again reformed by rapper and yoga master, Neil Patel (N1). The aim of Chi Kri's music was always the the same - producing hip hop music with an edge musically and lyrically. 

Not only does the sound of Chi Kri Beats have the usual hip hop flava, but when Chi Kri gets deep on a subject....they get intense!

From controversially claiming Jesus spent years growing up as a yogi in India on “The Key”, to being rejected by a broken hearted girl on the “Nagin” sampled, “Mere Dil”, N1’s lyrics and the Chi Kri sound never fails to impress, igniting passion and interest.

As probably one of the more philosophical Asian rappers on the scene, N1 has never sought the limelight, preferring to work hard and enjoy his craft and focus on the development of Chi Kri – a science of creativity, spirituality and philosophy.

As a yoga master, this man has taught thousands of people the ancient Himalayan art of yoga and continues to train students in the West in the sub-continents deeper mysteries.

As a rapper his current album The Rapping Yogi continues to spawn video singles and is available on the webisite in the products section. A new CD is being recorded right now, with tracks like
"Bring it on" and "Lift me up" to feature.

But the CD now! Only £5.87 

Hip Hop comes of age

“The Rapping Yogi” - New album from N1 


The first of November symbolises the official release of the long awaited “debut” album from N1. In truth, N1 (aka Neil Patel) has been writing, recording, and independently selling music since 1988; but this album serves a seminal point in his career.

In what almost seems to be a parallel universe compared to Hip Hop, Neil Patel has been teaching Yoga and running such a business for almost 20 years now. And up until now, both careers have remained forked from his teens and heading off in separate directions. But with this release, we see innovation, experimentation, and amalgamation taken to new exciting heights.

Far from being a sitar-led sermon for love and peace that an album bearing the word “Yoga” may first be construed to be, this album is Hip Hop through and through. Uncompromising in its production, it is sure to rattle your walls and leave the neighbours screaming obscenities at you with its relentless low end frequencies! But what separates this piece from its Hip Hop peers… are the lyrics.

N1 has dared to go where few rappers with the exception perhaps of DMX, Immortal Technique, and 2pac have gone before and include pure poetry on his public works. But with a twist. Four of the colossal seventeen tracks on “The Rapping Yogi” are poems set to the most unusual rhythms heard on a Hip Hop album for some time. Sometimes you think you’re listening to Prince, other times one of Guru’s (rapper from group “Gang Starr”), “Jazzmatazz” album with trombones shrieking at you whilst pillowed kick drums tap out a nervous heartbeat.

On this album N1 touches subjects so delicate that most mainstream careers would end at the mere mention of things like religious racism, medical profiteering, the existence of  alternative cures for cancer, greed, and Christ being comparable to yoga masters of India! If N1 were signed to a major label today, he would be gagged at once, one would imagine! Thankfully he remains independent for the time being at least.

And it is this independence which makes tracks like “Cherry” about a homeless girl in London so touching. N1 appears to write without commercialism in mind, he just writes his version of the world and leaves you to make your own mind up. Yet there are brighter moments on this album too which make you raise a smile at his multi-faceted role playing. Take the two tracks of failing love quests, “Mere Dil”, and “I want to love you”. Here N1 superbly plays the loser in love inspiring both comedy and sympathy; and he takes a complete twist on proceedings on the dance track, “Coast 2 Coast” where nothing matters apart from dancing to traditional Gujarati beats and enjoying unfettered drum patterns and arrangement not heard since the early jungle days!

If hip hop can be said to have been a baby in the 70’s, a playful child in the 80’s, an arrogant teen in the 90’s, and a rich businessman in the 00’s, then the decade is soon approaching where Hip Hop is going to take strides into wisdom and self-realisation. Don’t be surprised if this man has arrived just in time to usher in that era.

"My life has been dedicated to these two great arts...they are who I am, and who I will always be. To me, Hip Hop and Yoga are like my right and left arm - both vital and both harmonious with each other."

“Poets talk about everything from pornography to murder and from love to hatred. But contemporary poets are not judged - it is considered "art", well rappers should not be judged either...Hip Hop is more than an art anyway, it is a whole culture!”

“To help explain the connection between Hip Hop and Meditaton, I will tell you a little bit about how they exist in me. My mother began teaching yoga when I was a 4, prior to that she was an Indian dancer. So, since 1991 I have been teaching yoga, producing hip hop music, writing rhymes, and meditating virtually every day; a strange blend of activities, or a natural one? I would go from the yoga studio to hip hop studio; from the mic to the mat; from the altar of God to the altar of beat! Many people thought it was odd that a rapper could be a yogi, and a yogi could love hip hop, but to me they were coming from the same place.

“Writing a rap is the act of delving into the silence of your own heart and soul and using your mind and body to express that in the language of the soul – poetry. That is what people don’t understand – rap is poetry. Anyone who can express deeper sentiments on their life, others lives and the world around them is in tune with a spiritual part of themselves. The better the rapper’s flow, lyrical content and diversity, the more sensitive and conscious the individual behind the rhyme is.”

When a person raps well, they are telling you that they have found it hard to be heard ordinarily and now they are standing up and want you to pay attention. It is not all about the money, genuine rappers rap for a deeper reason." 

“Rap appeared as a sociological path for expressing the feelings and energy of a race fed up with being suppressed and confined. Rap was born as a rhythmic, melodic instrument whose sound was the spoken content of the human being. As I have said, rap is poetry, and when a person feels something very deeply, music is not enough, paint is not enough, and dance is inadequate – that person must write and speak – that is poetry and spoken word – that is rap”

“A yoga student goes into the silence of his soul to enjoy that union and to unite with the Spirit. A rapper goes into his heart and soul to pull out the sentiments, words and feelings that he wants to express – and the rhythm to ride words over beats. If a rapper can get into their heart and soul so easily to pull out rhymes, why can’t they just take one more small step sideways and find what the yogis find, which is boundless love, happiness, peace, wisdom, strength - and the answers to life, God, and everything in-between? If this was just a theory I can understand the scepticism, but I have practised both these acts and can testify that they are derived from the one state of consciousness, oneness with the finer self.”

“When a person goes deep into meditation his audience is God and his higher self, his soul. He expresses internally all the things a rapper expresses externally, and finds not only the relief felt after self-expression, but also the comfort, wisdom, and love that a rapper would find in his audience but multiplied by many times and with the added security to know that this internal audience is not as fickle as a listener!”

"If a hip hopper, a rapper, or a true fan of rap meditates they can touch their soul like a yogi, and if they are inspired they can come out with verses, thoughts, and feelings on a totally different level. All the great scriptures of our times have been written from the same place a rapper goes to, to write from - the soul. Therefore, Hip Hop is much bigger than people think. It is literally one step away from a world evolving musical culture. I believe Hip Hop and rap will eventually produce the future spiritual and political leaders of our world. Or, the future leaders of our world will be in tune with Hip Hop…and Yoga!”