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a successful attitude

Success in life is not about fame, fortune, or first places,
It is simply about attitude,

Leading a good life is not about being vegetarian, celibate, religious, or a non-smoker,
Habits can help to improve or destroy a person,

The attitude of the person is the real person,

External material factors are neither here nor there in the Grand scheme of things,

At best, they are elaborations; and at worst they are distractions,

Without the correct attitude, a non-religious meat eating, drug-taking man is no different,
To a religious, vegetarian, celibate man, who prays daily,

If both are selfish, short-tempered, and unkind,

What is the real difference between the two?


A famous pop star may not have the same kindness,
As an ugly, ignored, but loving mother,

So, who in truth is successful?

The one the world admires, or the one the world doesn't know?

If success is about winning, what is the successful way of losing?

And if you are successful at losing, why do you need to win so desperately?

If your attitude is correct, winning, losing, giving, taking,
And every other external variable becomes secondary,

You may have a big heart, and wish to save the world,
But if you cannot look after one sick person next to you,
What good is a worldly gesture, other than an ego trip?

Your attitude is something about you,
Which others cannot really define,

But it is a part of you so deep,
That it is there when you wake up, talk, work, and play,

It is there when you pray, or write,
And whether you are with friends and with strangers,

Having a good attitude is being calm and controlled at all times,
Never needing to shout with anger and frustration at others,
It is about being in charge of your mouth, your thoughts, and your actions,
Never losing control of your calmness,

A good attitude is one that thinks of others,
With the same care,
As you think of yourself,

It is being sympathetic, understanding, and compassionate,
Towards all who genuinely need your help,

These simple characteristics,
Often unnoticed by others,
Make a person great,

There are many great people, who go unnoticed in this world,
True success is not in your accomplishments,

But in your attitude.