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Calm, calm, calm

Calm, calm, calm,
Go unto life with calm,
In body, we are restless,
In Spirit, we are calm,
Go into Spirit, into prayer,
All is calm, when you go there,
Meditate, or love, or give,
In all these actions calm does live,
Find not thy calm in but one place,
Calm is present, else a space,
Calm, calm, calm,
Go unto life with calm,
In human mind, we’re restless; in Spirit, we are calm,
And from the calm we can see He,
Who speaketh Truth, and loveth we,
For in the calm He waits so calmly,
Calmly think, calmly act,
Calm, calm, calm, Open thy human arms,
In tightness, we are restless,
In calmness we are risen,
Who giveth calm? Extend thy arms,
And see that calm is in thy palms,
Calm, calm, calm,
In action and in word,
For restless minds are heard,
But peaceful minds are great.